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Meet the DASH Team

Meet The DASH Crew

And we want to meet you too!! Ok, we know, everyone says that. But the thing is, we mean it. We’re always going to go above and beyond to talk you out of a home, to share with you our innermost knowledge of the market, and to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. We firmly believe that nothing is easy in real estate, and that’s what makes it so much fun.

Photo of Quentin Dane

Quentin Dane Broker

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Justin Alcott Broker

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Pat Moran Broker

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Michelle Gomez Broker

Photo of Justin O'Brien

Justin O'Brien Broker

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Kasey Proctor Broker

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Jennifer Quintero Broker

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Melanie Elenio Broker

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Garrett Browning Broker

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Jeff Evans Broker

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Hugh Thompson Broker

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Debra K. Gallina Broker

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Colleen Hanson Broker

Photo of Diana 'Lady' Dane

Diana 'Lady' Dane Broker

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Rita Walia Broker

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Josh Harris Broker

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John Williams Broker

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Jessy Young

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Wilton Brown Broker

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Jennifer Badalamenti Broker

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Meredith Wright

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Michael Carroll Broker

Team Up with DASH

If you're looking for a Triangle-Area REALTOR® who can help you buy or sell a home at the RIGHT price and without all the stress, then it's time to contact me! I'd love to answer your questions, learn more about your real estate goals, and get you on your way to home buyer or seller success!