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Keep 85% of Your Commission

We Have What Matters

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Working for DASH is about more than the numbers; it’s about the people. It’s about the process, the community, the relationships forged, the new friends made, and the lives forever touched... But we understand that paying the bills is kiiinda important, too. That’s why DASH believes in giving our agents the hard-earned commission you deserve!

In fact, when you work for DASH, you keep 85% of your commission—you earned it, right?

Here’s how it works:

If you’re a STAR and get your own leads

At DASH, we’re all about being go-getters—seizing the day, taking the bull by the horns, closing deals, yadda yadda yadda. If you’ve got a database of leads, and you close deals, we’ve got money for you.

Some Benefits of Teaming Up with DASH

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85% payout

workflow chart

3 “lead” teams

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Personal inside sales associate

chat support

Market analyst support


Closing/listing coordinator & virtual assistant

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Steak CRM

We got some good news from Zillow...

In addition to our Zillow Offers program (which currently generates around 15 sales a month), we now GUARANTEE 20 live connection Zillow Flex program buyer leads per month in whatever zip code you choose. So if you only want to have showings within 15 minutes of where you live, we can make that happen. If you would like those 20 live connections in certain zip codes, we can make that happen, too.

Don't Have Your Own Leads Yet?

Truthfully, a Broker’s only real value is their ability to deliver quality leads to their agents. That’s what it boils down to. THAT is what separates brokers. We recommend that any agent looking for a new home ask all brokers this one simple question:

“What has the average agent (full- and part-time) earned in the last 30 days from leads the firm has provided for them?"

Here’s our answer:“DASH provided our agents enough quality leads to generate $215,000 in agent take-home commissions over the last 30 days—an average of $7,700 per agent. Six of those agents are part-time.”

Bottom Line: We Deliver Quality Leads

In short, we’re not going to make a slick sales pitch or wow you with a fancy recruiting presentation. Because frankly, we just don’t have the turnover that other firms do. But we CAN offer quality leads—because we spend just over $1 million a year to generate leads for our agents. Also, we just voted to cater in Taco Bell once a week, so there’s that.

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