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Jade Khan Broker

Originally from Queens, NY and raised in North Carolina's capital of Raleigh - traveling the world twice over from Dubai, Romania, Berlin, Jerusalem and Pakistan to name a few. Studied abroad and home completing a degree in computer science. It was not until she was introduced to her grandfather’s petrol interests she realized her inclination gained heavily towards the world of business infrastructure and systems. Those busy long summer days out of school she would spend sitting at the petrol office watching tankers night and day come in for a fill to be sold wholesale to Petro Pumps in awe of her grandfather’s ability to lead groups of men, fund new acquisitions in multiple hotels, apartments and residential subdivisions yet still be a very simple countryman left a lifelong impression on her. Exposure to the world and all its glory in design architecture and culture led Jade into the world of real estate. It was the perfect match for her because it included all things, she was extremely passionate about architecture, design, land and a sense of creativity within an infinite world - real estate offered her that platform. After obtaining her license in the State of North Carolina and seeing all the cookie cut agents just desperate for a sale and a commission check…offering no real value. She realized if she was going to live and breathe RE; she needed to be FOR those she works with. Her devotion to the game and most importantly her clients. She strives for the best educated results and only the best!

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