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Alexandra Festa Broker

Hi I’m Alex Festa, aka your lifelong realtor! I’ve had the pleasure of working at DASH since September 2020 and every moment I’ve spent here has been filled with support, learning and growth. Outside of being a kick ass realtor, I love the flea market, cooking, interior design, taking trips to the mountains and petting every last animal that will let me. 

Everything that I’ve learned and every way in which I’ve grown has helped me to become the best realtor for you. The most important part of my job is taking care of you throughout every step of the home buying process. Now, you may ask yourself, what does it mean to be ‘taken care of’? To answer that in short, it means I’m here to tailor my teaching of the process to your needs, guide you through all the steps, answer all of your questions along the way and to be your advocate from start to finish - all within your required timeline.

Whether it’s your 1st home or your 5th home, finding the right one in a crazy market can be a stressful process but with me as your advocate, a little patience and some open communication I know we will find you the right home at the right price!

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