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My 25+ years of corporate experience, combined with years as a successful entrepreneur help bring value to the major financial decision for real estate clients. I ensure I provide the right guidance to my clients, even talking them out of a home until we can find the right house at the right price. I focus on my clients so I can guide them in every step of the transaction to ensure a successful and seamless culmination of the home purchase.I have spent the past several years in real estate helping customers buy and sell homes ranging in value from over $650K to less than $200K. I am pleased to have very happy clients and some have become close personal friends.

Prior to embarking on my career in real estate, I ran a highly successful home care agency with close to 300 clients and a staff of more than 170 employees. Before I became an entrepreneur, I spent over 25 years in Corporate America with roles across a myriad of disciplines including customer service, sales operations, marketing and direct sales management.

I was fortunate to move to the Triangle area more than 25 years ago after completing my MBA at Georgia Tech. My wife Sandy and I have a daughter who is student at UNC. In my spare time I enjoy wood working, photography and playing golf. My family has always enjoyed going to the beautiful North Carolina beaches and lately have added the serenity and beauty of the Carolina mountains to our preferred vacation spots.

Please feel free to reach out directly to me at ray@dashnc,com or through DASH Carolina and LinkedIn.

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