Client Testimonials for Dash Carolina

Our reviews are real. They're not from family members 'fluffing' and artificially inflating our ratings....they come from actual clients, all of whom by the end of their transactions we can energetically call friends.   We work on a few simple philosophies: 

Every house is the RIGHT house for you at the RIGHT price. 
Every house is the WRONG house for you at the WRONG price. 
Remember, you don't make your money when you sell your house, you make it when you buy!!! 
And finally, there is NO such thing as a once in a lifetime deal...there will always be another one. 
We will work tirelessly for you.  Those aren't empty words, we promise. And if we have to visit every house in the Triangle to find the right one for you, then you're probably too picky :)   

We're  excited to get to know you!

Jimmy Doyle has been excellent to work with during our transaction. Not only did our agent drive to the potential property 4 times, he drove 2 hr round trip each time!
I move very quickly and Jimmy was amazing to work with every step of the way as we will close on our land next week.
Thank you Jimmy!
Steve and Robin Jarvi
- Robin Faith Jarvi

This is the most skilled, experienced, hard working, successful team I’ve found! Not to mention fun, innovative, and highly qualified! I highly recommend them!

- Meghan Ritch O'Brien

Hardest working real estate team in the triangle hands down.

- Chris Saunders

Katie was hands down the best! We always felt like a top priority as she was extremely responsive, engaged and helpful. We started searching super competitive market from halfway across the country and made a weekend trip in which we met Katie and viewed the double digit houses she arranged for us. After leaving Katie continued to look help us purchase sight unseen. The services she provided made us feel like we were on site and never missing a beat. Can’t imagine going through the process without her help and professionalism!

- Nick Couture

This was an wild purchase process. There were no comps. This is an incredibly hot market. We had a not-normal financing process. Regi went above and beyond to keep this rolling through to close. Morale support, fine-print-reading support, and doing research on the particular requirements of this unique purchase. He knows his stuff off the top of his head and with this unicorn purchase experience, he found the laws and regulations that weren't off the top of his head fast, and drew on a great local network of experts, appraisers, and contractors. I highly recommend Regi and look forward to keeping in tough with him!

- James McPherson

Our experience with Luke Weiss has been really amazing. He goes above and beyond in his communication, responsiveness, and answering questions. We've always felt like such a priority and we've learned a lot about home buying in our time working with him. We actually took a break from house hunting for a few months and were able to pick up right where we left off and quickly found our house within a couple of weeks. If you want someone who is dedicated to finding your perfect home, Luke really will do whatever it takes to help you find it.

- Kelly Sanders

I highly recommend Jimmy as a realtor and a friend! He is a very caring guy who is ALWAYS willing to help. Recently my husband and I decided to buy a new property, but were nervous due to being a touch unprepared, and the state of the current market. Jimmy instructed us on how to submit a winning offer. ..and we WON ! And after the offer was accept Jimmy left no stone unturned; he was on track every step of the way and made the process super easy for us. We closed today! Very pleased with his realtor service

- JM Stephenson

Jennifer Reycroft was an amazing agent. I feel like I lucked out with her! She was knowledgeable, empathetic, and always available for my many questions. My family and I are very grateful for her work!

- Breia Houston

If you're looking for a diligent, thorough, knowledgeable, proactive, determined, agile, perceptive, detailed, reliable real estate agent, Kasey Proctor is the best! We can greatly recommend Kasey Proctor. From day 1, we were well-informed of the current real estate market, and were impressed by Kasey's amazing aptitude and attention to detail when going to open houses. She always responded in a timely and helpful manner to our endless questions about the NC home buying process, etc. She guided us through the entire process, from setting up house tours to the Due Diligence process (she's an incredible negotiator!) to Close day. Buying a home can be exceptionally stressful, but Kasey's great help equipped us with all pertinent information and enabled us to close on time with confidence. Thank you so much for your help, Kasey!

- Christian Brown

Jeffrey is an amazing real estate agent to work with. We knew that we were not his only client, but throughout the entire process, it truly felt like we were the only buyers he was working with. Jeffrey's responsiveness, willingness to accommodate our schedule for showings, and knowledge of the industry to answer all of our questions and walk us through the entire process was more than we could have asked for, especially with us being first-time homebuyers. From the very beginning, he was always on time to showings and did his research on the property beforehand, and would be very prompt in getting back to us on questions we had about the property that came up during the showing, even when we were doing 4-5 showings a day, 2-3 days a week for 2-3 months all over Orange, Alamance, Durham, and Chatham counties. When it came to putting in offers, Jeffrey handled all of the paperwork and administrative side of the offer very efficiently, gave us great suggestions and strategies when negotiating, and most importantly provided us with an unbiased, outside perspective on the home which helped take our emotional attachment out of the property so we could be sure that we would be happy with the home and ensuring it was a smart financial decision. Because of how competitive the market was when we were looking for homes, we sent in almost a dozen offers before one was accepted, but Jeffrey never waivered from his professionalism and efficiency. He reassured us that this was normal for the market, that we were doing everything right and were close but were being outbid by other buyers putting offers that likely would have not been good financial decisions for us. That really kept us motivated during the homebuying process, knowing that the home we wanted was out there, and we did end up with both a home we both love and was also a solid financial investment! Even after the offer was accepted, Jeffrey helped us through every step of the process leading up to closing, from coordinating all the paperwork, providing excellent recommendations on inspectors, closing attorneys, and mortgage lenders, being present for the inspection and negotiating with the sellers for repairs, and answering all of our questions, all the way up to handing us the key to our new home! We cannot recommend Jeffrey enough! Whether you are an experienced homebuyer just looking for a smooth, efficient transaction, or first-time homebuyers like us looking for someone that can walk you through each step of the homebuying process, Jeffrey will ensure you are both comfortable and confident with making such an important and major purchase!

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Mebane, NC

I was going to find a house in Raleigh, NC while I am still in Pittsburgh. I found Zac, called. He did his best way in the whole process. He updated potential houses daily, going to view houses, discussing prices, communication with seller agent. Before closing he sent me useful information of change address, set up utilities, internet, new drivers license and more. He responded any questions professionally, efficiently and rapidly. Zac did fantastic job on helping me finding a house remotely . I would strongly recommend Zac to anyone who needs an agent for selling or buying a house in Raleigh area.

- Bought a Townhouse home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

Can't say enough good things about Chad. He is knowledgeable, honest, flexible, and great to work with. He helped us find our near impossible requirements for a home and walked us through the difficult process of putting together an offer. He was always just a phone call away to answer any questions or provide guidance. I will look to him for any future purchases and highly recommend him for anyone needing a great agent.

- Gabe Dorsi

We absolutely LOVED our experience working with Jacki as our realtor! My fiance and I just purchased our first home. Jacki was kind, patient, and helpful as we learned to navigate the process of buying a home. Even in today's competitive real estate market, Jacki responded to every situation with grace and professionalism. She is detail-oriented and conscientious in her work. Jacki rose to the challenge of showing many homes and submitting multiple offers (some sight unseen) with us. Jacki promptly shared calendar invitations and confirmation messages for all showings and appointments. She always arrives for meetings on time and with a smile! Jacki's expertise is vast, and she is always willing to share her knowledge any time. Jacki's experience in real estate and training in appraising are so important to making an informed decision about buying a home. At every showing, Jacki examined each home very thoroughly and noted items that would come up on the inspection reports. She let us know up front the costs involved in certain repairs/fixes. Jacki is very responsive, and her quickness with communication helped us submit offers and all documentation in a timely manner. Jacki always offered wise advice, helpful guidance, and loving support to us while making this decision to buy a home. She encouraged us when our offers were not accepted, and she celebrated with us when we closed on our dream home! While we were under contract, Jacki continued to share prompt and effective communication. She was clear and honest about closing expenses, which helped us to budget our funds appropriately. Jacki sent lists of to-do items in order to ensure that we had all necessary information for applying for our mortgage, all documents signed, and all appointments scheduled. She even provided recommendations for house cleaners, movers, and inspectors. During the contract period, Jacki corresponded with us, our real estate broker, the selling agent, vendors, and other stakeholders to ensure that we had all necessary documentation for closing as scheduled. Jacki conducted two final walkthroughs with us prior to closing so that we could proceed through closing with no doubts. Jacki is an amazing realtor, thoughtful guide, and all around wonderful person to know. Any homebuyer would be lucky to work with Jacki!

- Mason Lesser

She was absolutely awesome, I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor to work with. She kept me informed of every move and helped me reach the goal of what I wanted for my home. I would highly recommend this woman to anyone!

- Brad Carter

Chelsea was so willing to accommodate our schedule for viewings, knowledgeable and eager to explain the buying process, and my husband and I truly felt like she had our best interests at heart when making offers and communicating on our behalf with

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Wake Forest, NC

Wow! I cannot say enough good things about the service Melanie provided for our family. This was my first time buying a home and she was incredibly knowledgeable and organized; this made buying in an intensely competitive seller's market leagues more manageable. Communication was always clear and prompt, and she provided detailed information about every step of the process. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to buy (or sell) a home in the Triangle area.

- Sarah Sterling

We were very pleased with the level of service we received from our agent, Zac Campbell. He helped us with selling our old home and buying the new one. During the entire process, he kept us informed on a daily basis with the updates and filled us in a timely manner, when encountered with issues. He made very useful suggestions, which simplified our tasks and helped us get the best value for our old home. He is very efficient with his paperwork and closing was extremely easy and done within 24 hours. We were very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, and is very friendly to work with. It was one of the best experience from start to finish working with Zac Campbell, and we would recommend his services to our friends and family or any and everyone who is looking into either selling or buying a home.

- Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Durham, NC

So far so good. DASH understands what I am looking for and the collaboration center is very helpful tool. You get suggestions trimmed for you. There is always someone for a quick tour if I want to have a look at a property, no matter if it is a weekend or weekday or after 6PM or early 8AM. Nice experience working with DASH.

- bhaarat pachori
Wonderful experience with Rita Walia as our agent in our home buying adventure.
- BrFish

Jordan at Dash Carolina was incredibly helpful and informative in the process of us buying our first home. I can confidently say that we would not have ended up in a house we love as much as we do with out his help.

- Daniel DiLoreto

Reggie has been one of the most accommodating, fair and responsive agent I have worked with. No pressure and no judgment, which makes it a pleasure to work with Reggie as a DASH agent.

- Rita Mohanty

Our buying agent Kaisaan is amazing! He did a great job locating homes that fit our criteria. He's very quick to respond to any questions and is extremely knowledgeable about the entire buying process. He walked us through everything step by step and was completely patient as we asked him 100’s of questions. Wonderful experience! Would highly recommend DASH and Kaisaan!!

- Adrian

Michael Woodell is a fantastic realtor. Detail oriented, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

- Zakir Hussain
We are really enjoying working with Jacob Lowder at DASH Carolina on our home search. He has really stayed on top of the process since our very first meeting. We have found him to be honest, knowledgeable, have our best interest in mind, in addition to being willing to run all over town to meet us. He brings several years of construction knowledge to the process which we picked up on immediately and find a very valuable asset. While we are looking at a house, he's looking at how it's constructed, what might need repair, etc. We appreciate that he is not pushy, he knows this business is long term so he treats everybody like family and gives the best advice he can.
- Bernadette McHugh

My agent Richard has been very professional and knowledgeable with all my questions and has made this journey to finding land to purchase a pleasure.

- Ben Kish

Working with Jeffrey Vasko at DASH Carolina was the best homebuying experience we could have asked for. Being first-time homebuyers in such a competitive housing market, Jeffrey walked us through each step of the homebuying process and made us both confident and comfortable with such a big milestone purchase! Despite dozens of showing and putting in almost a dozen offers over 2-3 months before we were able to purchase a home, Jeffrey was so accommodating, responsive, and professional from start to finish. We cannot recommend DASH Carolina enough and would not hesitate to request their representation the next time we are looking to purchase or sell a home!

- Michael Ng

I was going to find a house in Raleigh, NC while I am still in Pittsburgh. I found Zac Campbell. He did his best way in the whole process. He updated potential houses daily, going to view houses, discussing prices, communication with seller agent. Before closing he sent me useful information of change address, set up utilities, internet, new drivers license and more. He responded any questions professionally, efficiently
and rapidly. Zac did fantastic job on helping me finding a house remotely . I would strongly recommend Zac to anyone who needs an agent for selling or buying a house in Raleigh area.

- Xin Zou

Brandon is currently working extremely hard for me and my family finding us a house. He’s straight forward and extremely respectful and thorough

- Jarrod Miller

We worked with Chad Young and he was amazing. Very professional and knowledgeable.

- Melissa S.

Reese is a very kind and patient young man. He made my experience very smooth and enjoyable. Got answer to all my questions and made sure I understood everything in the process. I have a lot of love for him and will definitely recommend him to anyone. Love always Miss Sharon 

- Sharon Pierce

Shelbie is the second realtor we have worked with in the Triangle area. We instantly connected with Shelbie on our first meeting and continued the great connecting during our home buying journey. Her communication was wonderful and she always kept us up to date during the process. We had originally wanted to look in the Durham area but became interested in Mebane. This was a town Shelbie was not super familiar with but went way above and beyond to find out about the area and was always knowledgeable about any and all questions we had. This was a very, very tough housing market and with that came a lot of stress and even heartbreak for us. Shelbie was always there to comfort us and get us back out there looking for our new home! She was able to get us into a perfect home in just 9 days. We could not have asked for a better realtor and we are so very happy to have had Shelbie! She is AMAZING and I highly recommend anyone who is searching for homes in the area. You will not regret working with her.

- Bought a Condo home in 2022 in Mebane, NC

Our Agent, Reggie Newberne was very knowledgeable and intentional about helping us find the home we wanted by showing a variety of home to us! He made our home buying experience a joy and he educated is along the way!

- The Greens

We felt really comfortable with our realtor Rita Walia. She is very professional and really knows her stuff. Rita went above beyond expectations and find us a house that meets our needs in a very competitive market.

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Cary, NC

She worked hard for us made it simple told us what we needed and earned our trust. Cheree is a true asset to her company. We enjoyed working with her same went out her way to show us homes and gave us good suggestions. She knew what we wanted we appreciate you so much.

- Jaimie Evans

Jacki is more than amazing at what she does! My wife and I listed and purchased with Jacki leading the way. Her market knowledge allowed us to purchase on our first offer! Her staging and attention to detail allowed us to go under contract WITHIN HOURS of listing sight unseen for double over what we ever thought was possible. She guided us through every step of the way and kept our nerves at bay. Jacki is a great person, realistic, and straight forward. She will always have my family's business and I can't say enough good about her. If you decide to purchase or list, you are with the cream of the crop with Jacki Hedgecock!

- Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

I rarely ever write reviews on anything; however please trust me when I say how wonderful Melanie truly is! When we first thought about selling our first house I initially wanted to use an iBuyer. After meeting Melanie and hearing her aggressive plan to sell our house for maximum profit I knew  Melanie was the person to have in our corner. Melanie was always quick to respond to my questions and concerns in a direct and candid manner which made the process much easier to navigate. I highly recommend her to friends and family and anyone in the market to sell their house.

- james hill141

Sam was matched with us via Zillow for a house we wanted to see a year ago. We had no idea what we were getting into with buying a house- especially in this market. We immediately connected with Sam and appreciated his honesty and dedication to educating us. We decided to wait until the next January to begin looking at houses in earnest and throughout the downtime, Sam kept in contact with us, letting us know how the market was changing. From Jan through March of 2022, we looked at houses every weekend with Sam, generally multiple houses over multiple days. Sam was always available to us and exuded the same amount of energy and investment with each property we saw. He was very transparent in his assessment of each house; we felt that he was truly representing us and our interests, instead of just selling a house. In a market that can cause some people to easily get in over their heads, he was very careful with our money, always encouraging us to look at the worst case scenario and ensuring we actually had the amount of money for the offers we made. Once we finally bought a house, the realtor of our house told us that the way Sam coached us in making a competitive offer is what won the house in the end. He provided us contacts for all the other aspects of closing and we had a good experience with all of them. We couldn’t recommend Sam enough!! We can’t believe how lucky we were to be matched with him from the beginning.

- Tessa K Shupe

As my real estate agent for buying my first home, Jennifer was wonderful. She was able to answer ALL of the questions that I had, and she also had a lot of good advice throughout the process. She had the entire process from the buyer's end organized and streamlined so that I was able to carryout  all of my due diligence; it's a lot to fit into only a few weeks. Jennifer made the process as close to worry-free as a buyer can hope for, and she is patient. Furthermore, the sellers failed to disclose various issues about the house I was buying, and Jennifer was well-prepared to handle the situation. Next time I move I will try to use her again as my agent.

- jpw3383

Katie was great! We did mini-inspections at each house so we wouldn't be surprised by any inspection reports. She was always quick to respond even at the crazy hours we texted her at as soon as houses went on the market. She was also very knowledgeable on the market trends.

- Jessica Wilson

My fiance and I had a wonderful experience working with Sam. As first-time home buyers, we started the process with very little knowledge. Sam expertly guided us through every step of the purchase. He was always very prompt to return our messages and never had a problem scheduling showings after 5  pm during the week or on weekends. He was patient with us as we narrowed down our criteria after multiple showings. Sam was extremely helpful with explaining all the paperwork during both the offer and closing processes. I would absolutely work with Sam again when buying our next home, and I recommend you do the same!

- leahwenhold624

Rita goes way above and beyond as your buying agent. She is extremely knowledgeable in what to look for while searching for a home and will fight hard to ensure you get the best deal possible

- Barry Rod

Garrett was awesome - very knowledgeable, super quick and responsive, detail oriented with helping us/sellers/loan officers to stay on track and be mindful of key dates, and also gave excellent referrals for services needed throughout the due diligence process. Highly recommend!

- zuser20150301162212294

I worked with Sara Cooke and she and DASH have been a huge help with my home search, answering questions, helping with paperwork, and providing tons of information about pricing and things to look for in a potential house

- Matthew Lilly

Garrett was great! Our home buying experience was exceptionally smooth and painless! Garrett offered fair and honest opinions and we could tell he was not looking for a quick win or close, he had our best interest in mind. Garrett was always mindful of our comfort levels even through some  challenges of viewing homes with COVID-19 pandemic & even did a few remote touring for us! I would highly recommend Garrett to any prospecting home buyers as he was extremely resourceful throughout the entire closing process.

- MarkZappia

What are the qualities when selecting a realtor, well I am no expert but can certainly say we found what we were looking for and more!!
We started working with Jordon when the market started to be "CRAZY" as they call it, and it was so great to find someone to work with who did not work on our instructions but took time to understand our value system and gather what was really important to us.
Jordon didn't answer our questions, rather we had constructive discussions in assessing every property, as if it was a joint venture and we were all in it together. I would also like to callout the team behind Jordan i.e., DASH they are very professional and thorough with their insights and always proactive in getting you ahead. The overall experience was a breeze, right from submitting offers (yes there were many!), to the closing day and even post closing. Jordan really demonstrates the professionalism that you can count on and yet can make you feel at ease to take all the pressure away.
I would highly recommend Jordon as a person who knows what he is doing!

- Miscuglio

Michelle worked with us for 6 months to find our perfect home. She never lost confidence or determination in helping us in our search. She understood what we wanted in a home and always made herself available to see homes with us. Once we were under contract, Michelle kept us in the loop and  helped us every step of the way. As first time homebuyers, this was extremely important to us. Before closing, repairs were required for the home to appraise. Michelle was great to have in our corner, she was able to negotiate that the sellers make all required repairs. If I ever am back in the market for a home in the area, I will not hesitate to give her a call. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home! Couldn’t ask for a more helpful, responsive, professional person for the job!

- matthew stem13

Melanie Elenio is the best agent I've ever dealt with, she is professional, responsive and goes above and beyond. She's the agent that will meet you 2 plus hours away to look at homes. I have used her for 2 sales and soon to be 2 purchases and would highly recommend her and Dash!

- Christopher Theodore

We could not have asked for a better agent. Justin assisted us in the buying and selling of two properties. He was always quick to respond to our questions and concerns during the buying and selling process. Justin provided us with current knowledge and advice. He was professional while still being  sensitive to the fact we were not just selling a house, but a home. 

- gphardee

Working with Elise Yost was a complete pleasure. I’m an out of state buyer and Elise was more than willing to FaceTime the tour explaining each detail whether good or bad. And when some cell service wasn’t cooperative she videoed the home. Each experience she was very informative and helpful and I felt like I was in seeing the property/house in person.

I really appreciate her time and expertise.

- Georga Housemn

I had the BEST experience from start to finish buying my townhouse with Jen! Once we sat down to discuss my wants, needs, and time frame, Jen was on top of it. I felt like I was her only client. Jen is extremely knowledgeable about the triangle area, but she is always willing to find out more.  Jen looks at each property as if she was buying it for herself. She is detail oriented, and VERY thorough. She would find issues I would never have considered, so when we found my townhome we knew this was it! Jen also worked with me through each step of the negotiation and paperwork! She is very responsive (and very patient :). At no time did I feel that I was on my own without intelligent advice and unbiased support. She truly wants you to only buy the perfect home for you, and she will work with you until you have found it. If you want a dedicated, professional as your partner in this process you must use Jen as your realtor! 

- sfparent12

We are very happy to work with Realtor Rob. He is very patient to listen all our requirments at any time and we are adorabe with his market analysis

- Rajesh Asanabada

Josh is wonderful to work with! From the very first day in just looking at homes, with no thought in mind as to what we really wanted, and no appointment scheduled! Josh was willing to fit us in and it has been a pleasure ever since! Josh is so detailed when it comes to pointing out what is not  so obvious to you as a potential home buyer, such as how old the HVAC unit (s) are, if there are water spots on the walls, ceilings, etc., or even how the water pressure is throughout the home. We definitely recommend you or anyone interested in buying a home to OMG (Oh My Gosh) please call Josh!

- Jackie Rogers

Awesome folks to work with, absolutely love working with Justin and was a great resource and knowledge.

- Jacob Jackson

When we met Karl, we knew instantly that his commitment to our real estate needs were none other than professional excellence. Karl is incredibly knowledgeable both as a buyer’s and a seller’s agent and the perspective we needed during our decision making. His upbeat approach eased the incredible  stress of selling a home, as well as prepared us for our next purchase. I have worked in the mortgage/real estate industry for over 25 years and partnered with many realtors. None of them compare to Karl’s commitment to his customer. Our recommendation is for life - Karl is the best of the best in real estate.

- butterflywarrior0319
Nothing but positive experiences from the practice. Timely communication, excellent knowledge and insight of the market. Reached out on a whim and was instantly connected to several engaged folks from DASH who helped us through our first home-buying experience. Tom has been great to work with.
- Javan Cross

Kasey is absolutely wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend her. She was very available to schedule house tours, her recommendations for lenders and other individuals throughout the process were so helpful, and she helped us negotiate a great deal on the home we purchased. She made the  process so much easier for us and would definitely utilize her help again if we were to purchase another home in the area.

- mgower302

Garrett is amazing at what he does! He was so very patient with our requests and timely in his responses. He helped us find our dream home and would definitely recommend him time and time again!

- nminori97

Sam is knowledgeable, proficient, and most of all kind! This was our first time buying a home (and during a pandemic nonetheless) so the process seemed impossible when we first started. He worked efficiently and helped us to understand every step in a way that was not so intimidating. He made our  thoughts and opinions feel validated. And even when we had issues arise he handled them with ease. Now thanks to him we have purchased our first home! We appreciate everything Sam has done for us and would not have done it with anyone else. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

- isabaritonelover

Karl is always available and always friendly. He’s great with first time buyers and will be sure to walk you through the process. He has your best interest in mind and will help you find what’s right for you.

- jackinbarbarawalters

Jeff was an absolute professional! We were a little skittish of the whole process having been in our home for 25 years. But, Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and very responsive to our questions. And the best part - (even during a pandemic) we had a full price offer on our home two  days after listing it!

- Gene Hovey

I don't even know where to begin! Karl has been extremely helpful from the first moment we spoke. His expertise, guidance, and professionalism helped my family in the purchase of our first home. He is very responsive, attention oriented, and listens to his clients to ensure their needs are met when  looking for a home. He also helped guide us along the way and answered questions effectively so we truly understood all that we were reading and signing. If you choose Karl, know that you are in GREAT hands!! Thanks Karl for all that you have done for us and continue to do for others! 

- Khadiya Curtis

We joined the home buying process with many unknowns but Michelle helped us understand the template pretty quickly. She helped us very patiently to walk through many houses and explaining the details. I'd totally recommend her as an agent

- zuser20191019141557972

We highly recommend Tracy Dowling as a real estate agent. Tracy guided us expertly through the entire process from viewing prospective homes, presenting the proposal, negotiations, and to the final closing. Tracy provided us with frequent updates and quickly responded to any questions or  concerns. Tracy provided us with information regarding the HOA and made recommendations for mortgage companies, home warranties, and even prainters. Tracy's pleasant manner made her very easy to work with. Tracy was recommended to us by our son, who purchased a home through her several years ago. We feel fortunate to have worked with her. 

- rcahill13

Justin did a great job of helping us sell our house. He was attentive and responded quickly to our questions. During negotiations following the inspections, he provided a well written explanation of our counter offer to they buyer.

- user45914141

Karl epitomizes the word “advocate”. There is no one that will work harder for you, will be a more thorough investigator for you, that knows any more about doing what it takes to please his clients than Karl. Karl doesn’t t have a bad day! He is uplifting, energetic, realistic, but will shoot for  the moon if he thinks it’s in his clients’ best interest. All with a sense of humor and grace! There is no other person we can recommend any higher to help navigate through this sometimes stressful process. He was an absolute joy to work with and we were fortunate to have him as our advocate. And we didn’t even think we NEEDED a realtor, as we have knowledge of the real estate business as general contractors. Seriously, if you want the total package, Karl will fit that bill!

- joannadean27

Kasey helped us finding and buying a home in Apex. She made her available to show us a lot of houses in Raleigh/Cary/Apex area in less than 1 month until we found the special one. She helped us during the negotiation and then she assisted us during the mortgage loan approval process until the  closing day. She was very responsive to our requests and questions all the time. Thank you, Kasey!

- mariusmiha

Quentin worked with my husband and found us our perfect house in one day! (all the boxes were checked) We were given another Agency thru our moving plan, but after wasting so much time & effort looking at houses which were wrong for us, we found Quentin. He took the time to listen and learn what ‘we’ wanted. I could not fly back to see it, so I arrived on closing day and purchased this house with my husband. I couldn’t believe I was buying a house I hadn’t seen, but Quentin had a video specially made and sent to me which was above & beyond! Thank you Quentin for finding our perfect house, becoming our friend and for your generosity to the Community!!

- dianecridgeway

I’m not kidding when I say there’s no need to look further for an agent beyond Rita. She is purely flawless between her complete transparency and honesty, her detailed professionalism, and her personal support in getting your needs met. If I was buying again tomorrow, I wouldn’t hesitate to ensure  I got to work with Rita again.

- kellanpjs
I would recommend Quentin Dane with any of my real estate needs. He is an honest and knowledgeable agent I would not hesitate to recommend Quentin. He made our experience as easy and painless as possible and being out of state he was there for us every step of the way. Thank you so much for your help and assistance with the sale of our home, bravo Quentin Dane for another great job !!!!
- Sold a home in 2018 in NC 27540

Let me introduce the REAL MVP! Our realtor Kasey Proctor has quickly and easily become one of our favorite people just in general! She’s a complete rockstar through and through from walking us through the entire house hunting and home buying process, showing us lots of properties, game planning  over coffee and talking us through when we were going through personal difficulties, to putting in strong offers until we got our dream home! She fought for us every step of the way and we ended up in AMAZING shape after closing! She has been an answer to prayer for us and celebrates every victory with us! We couldn’t have asked or hoped for a better friend and agent on our side in this process of buying our very first home! If you’re looking for a home or selling in the RDU area, Kasey is your girl!!! She seriously made our first time home buying process phenomenal!Less 

- 07/04/2018 - ashleyfragas

Lauren was a incredible asset to assist in our first home buying process, it had hiccups due to covid-19, although we were still able to finalize and close on our new home! She has incredible resources and recommendations for local companies that are needed throughout the home buying process. She  worked around our schedules and was reachable at any time we needed to ask questions, and has incredible attention to detail!! I would absolutely recommend Lauren to any friends or family looking for real estate!! Once again, thank you for everything you did for us Lauren!

- Bsw9090
Quentin has been exceptional on all criteria. Impressive efficiency and pro-activeness. Almost 24/7 service. When it comes to the end, he was able to negotiate aggressively and matched our ask. Also extremely knowledgeable about the NC real estate laws and help us dodge a few bullets.
- Bought a home in 2018 in NC 27519

We actually knew of Quentin through our daughter who bought a townhouse in Raleigh. We were impressed by his help to a 20 something couple new to the real estate world. He led them through the process and even recommended they wait a year! They now own a beautiful town house, and many of their  friends have used Quentin as well. We came from out of state and he helped us scope out the area and really listened to what we wanted. He knows where the market has been and where it is going. He was able to negotiate well and his office streamlines the whole process, even recommending restaurants and companies for general maintenance and services. We couldn’t have been happier. He made the experience enjoyable along the way as well.

- 06/30/2018 - zuser20180106120802117

Debbie is a true professional who truly loves her job . I am in the process of moving to the North Carolina area and Debbie has helped me every step of the way . She has not only found me the dream location for our home but also the perfect contractor to build our home . She is always available  to answer my wife or I questions about the area . She really has made this whole process easy and our whole family is so excited for this journey to Raleigh .

- skaugman1973

Quentin was professional, personable, and always fought to get me the right house at the right price. Whenever he wasn't available for showings he quickly found someone on his team to fit my schedule so I didn't feel like I could have missed out on what could be the right home for me in a very aggressive, fast-paced market.

- Nick Beers

I found Pat to be responsive, dependable, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire buying process. I will absolutely be using his services again in the future, and have no qualms recommending him to others.

- 06/26/2018 - jeremiahblack

When we met Sam, I was impressed with his professionalism. He worked tirelessly to find us homes to consider and then seemed to always make time for whatever we needed, often at the last minute. He was always happy to help in any way. He knew what he was doing and was on top of whatever needed to  be done and knew when to push to help us get things done well. I am sure that Sam will be extremely successful at whatever he does because of his work ethic. We are very pleased with Sam Duncan. We would highly recommend him to anyone!

- dsjohn6
Quentin was very professional to work with, and did a wonderful job selling our home. The only feedback I would have for him is to communicate more proactively... even when the status of something is the same, it would make me feel like I haven't been forgotten. I would work with Quentin again if we were to return to the area, he advocates well for his clients.
- Alyssa Fyffe

Kasey is incredible! She is amazing, knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving her clients. She truly will work tirelessly for you. Kasey worked with my husband and I on selling our first home and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work with. She was extremely helpful and answered all of our  many questions…at all hours of the day :) She was easy to communicate with and always prompt in returning our calls, texts, emails, etc. Kasey was patient with us and made us feel at ease throughout the whole process. She has an amazing, outgoing personality and was wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend her to everyone I know!Less

- 06/25/2018 - ashlandis08

Melanie helped me buy my first home and was such a joy to work with! She helped educate me on everything I needed to know about buying a home and was so patient with all of my questions! She was constantly sending options my way and was always available to go look at houses with me. I loved working  with her and would absolutely do it again!

- Kate Burton
Shane always made an effort to understand our interests and concerns and provided valuable knowledge to help us craft our offer. We bought our house in early 2022, when the housing market was extremely competitive, and Shane offered us advice as well as data to help inform us which houses to focus on and how to adjust our budget considering every house on the market at the time had multiple bids. He was very responsive through the closing process and even afterwards when we had questions or needed help with something.
- Adam Miltner

It's hard to describe our experience with Quentin without sounding like an infomercial, but we truly were that impressed. We couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, reassuring and patient person--but not in a boring way! Quentin is both immensely entertaining and exceptionally professional.  We really felt valued. Moreover, the analysis packet Quentin provided when we went to put in an offer was tremendous! He helped us navigate a competitive seller's market and land a great place that still feels like a deal on a tight timeline. And during the buying process, his guidance and communication were outstanding. So like I said, infomercial. But, do yourself a favor and believe the hype: 12/10.

- 06/14/2018 - mrweslander

Garrett met with us before we began preparing to sell to give us feedback on the renovations we were planning. He communicated throughout the time we were making improvements to be ready to list as soon as possible once the renovation was done. Once the home was listed, he was able to get feedback  from most of the showing realtors and proactively reached out to them when they were interested. Gave us excellent advice during negotiations and was able to get us a fair price.

- user6480811

I can’t speak highly enough of Jimmy Doyle as our real estate agent. He is very professional and knowledgeable, which made the process of selling our house easy and simple. His knowledge, professionalism, honesty, integrity, patience, responsiveness, and communication skills not only helped with the process, but also made us feel comfortable and secure; for which we are highly grateful.

- Grenda Rivera

I have sold several homes and this was by far my best experience. Quentin is professional, knowledgeable and always available. On first day house on market I had 16 showing requests. I few days I had four sold offers and home closed above list price.

- 06/13/2018 - coffeecupjo

We loved working with Melanie so much as buyers we came right to her when we turned into sellers. She was incredibly helpful throughout the process, always kept us up-to-date and was on top of every question we had. She is excellent at responding via email, phone or text and got information to us  quickly. She is absolutely phenomenal and we cannot recommend her enough! 

- kelseydixon 014
Jennifer found us a great home in a new area. She was always available when I had questions (day or night!) and was present every step of the way. I loved her honesty and attention to detail, and I feel like she genuinely wanted us to find the best house to fit our needs. THANK YOU!
- Kirstie Thompson

Quentin is very respectful, honorable, hard-working, and dedicated to his job. Anytime me my wife had a question or situation going on he's always there to help and responded very quickly. He was never too busy and always on top of things. Our house was put on the market and we have buyers very  quickly. Even as a new or experienced home buyer its great to have an agent like Quentin helping. You can rest assured that you're in good hands. Less 

- 06/13/2018 - arnolde sykes

Our experience with Lauren was flawless! She’s incredibly professional, timely, and on top of the whole process every step of the way. She helped set up all of our appointments and gave excellent recommendations for other vendors.

- salanier418

I absolutely recommend Kimberly Dixon for her professional expertise, integrity, passionate and diligent work to all of you who want to find that special place called home. Relocating from the West Coast to the East (North Carolina), I was looking for a local agent with knowledge of the houses on the market, responsible, honest, and available. I chose broker Kimberly Dixon from a lengthy list of realtors on and I could not be more pleased with her job as my realtor in purchasing my home. All the transactions took place thru the online environment, and she was my trusted professional who guided me through the process of buying, kept me continuously updated via e-mails, texts, videos, made herself available to answer patiently to all my questions promptly and at all hours (time-zone-difference). Also, she negotiated on my behalf with the seller to get some important repairs done and offered great suggestions during negotiations making all process run smoothly so that we closed on time. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you again Kimberly Dixon for helping me buy my new home.

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

My husband and I had a truly wonderful experience working with Quentin! He provided the exact amount of guidance and support we needed as first time homebuyers. With every home we visited, Quentin provided a wealth of knowledge that allowed us to think through the pros and cons and ultimately  helped us make the best decision on a home. Quentin drew our attention to many factors we didn’t even know we should consider. Importantly, we never felt rushed by Quentin or like he was trying to “sell us” on a home. He seemed primarily concerned with helping us find the home that best worked for us. Quentin was also invaluable during the negotiation and offer process as well as during closing. Overall Quentin made the home buying process as seamless and enjoyable as it could possibly be! Less 

- 06/13/2018 - Jessica Yarbro

I was a first time home buyer who had no idea what I was really doing. Melanie was just who I needed to get me through this major decision. She did not pressure me at any point, talked me through all the things to make sure I knew what was going on and in such a way that I actually understood.  Answered all my questions, and challenged me in asking me things I never thought about! She made sure I was comfortable with the steps and was not just telling me what I "wanted to hear". This process was wrapping up at the beginning of the COVID pandemic as well as a couple of other hiccups that popped up with a malware incident for the county, all out of our control...can not make this stuff up...but not once did I feel panicked and that was all because of Melanie. She kept me up to date on everything, and I trusted/knew she was doing everything for me to close on time...which we miraculously did! She is more than a realtor. She is someone who genuinely cares for her clients and see's them as much more than that. She is intentional, personal, and also makes the process fun!

- oconnell jessie
Jimmy is by far the best agent to work with! We had to relocate from out of state and needed to find the perfect home. Thanks to Jimmy we did! He was attentive, organized, professional, informative and took the time to listen to what we wanted and worked hard to meet our needs at all times. It’s rare to find an agent who will jump through hoops for you and make you feel like they truly care. From the moment we met Jimmy he made the process of out of state purchasing less intimidating. He provided real life video tours of properties by FaceTiming walkthroughs, emailed, texted and called us to keep us updated and informed. We love our new home and we can’t thank Jimmy enough for all he did to make this happen!
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Clayton, NC

Kasey is a delight to work with. She cares about her clients and works hard to help them find the house that not only matches the features they want, but their personality as well.

- 06/12/2018 - Judy Mills

Very knowledgeable and caring, super energetic and proactive, excellent communicator and advocate—Jennifer is basically everything you look for in a fantastic agent. She really went the extra mile in what proved to be a rather complicated sale. I’d give her six stars if I could!

- dwelsh08
Beki she is a great person to do business with and she is very responsible, honest, reliable and she was there each time we needed her. She would respond fast to our phone calls and messages
- Ramy Reda

Quentin was an absolute dream. My parents and I were looking for an investment property that had to meet a unique criteria. My parents, located back in NY, have been flipping properties for the past 15 years and have experienced all sorts throughout the industry. They have and will fully attest,  Quentin is the best in the business. Representing our local interests, I was mostly engaging with Quentin as we visited properties and continued the search. He was a true partner highlighting every pro and con in a property, lockstep with my parents and I. He brought me along where my experienced lacked and streamlined communication with my parents afar. You simply cannot go wrong with Quentin. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

- 05/30/2018 - davidfkeeney

I cannot say enough good things about Sam. He was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, responsive, and always made time for short notice showings and answered any questions we had. He willingly accommodated last minute requests for showings and was there whenever we needed expertise on detailed  questions. We really felt like he made us a priority and that we were advocated for every step of the way. 10 out of 5 stars, can not recommend highly enough!

- zuser20150215124209782
Jeff came to us after just clicking on a "I want to see this house" and he was great from the first contact! Very responsive, he replies emails, messages, phone calls within minutes, at any day of the week (or weekend!). He could accommodate every single request we had to see a house, to schedule a visit, or even to just talk and discuss the possibilities. When we asked to see the same house for the second time, he did it immediately. This process for me was so overwhelming, it was my first time buying a house, and he went through every step with patience and knowledge, explaining us the risks and benefits, the crazy market we are living right now, and giving us precious advice to close on the house we chose. After our offer was accepted, he helped us at every step, sent us reminders for every single detail we don't know we have to think about. He was there with us at the closing making sure everything was running smooth and is still there for us after the closing for any questions. We strongly recommend Jeff for any buyer out there!
- Amanda Finger Stadler

Michelle was an excellent realtor! She helped us through a long negotiation that finished with what we wanted (even in a buyers market). We are so thankful that Michelle was our realtor! I would highly recommend her to any of our friends.

- 05/25/2018 - Jill Kilpatrick

Lauren was wonderful! We would not have been able to navigate this process without her. She was always timely in her responses and available when we needed her. She made sure things were done and everything was done correctly. We could not have asked for anyone better! We are so very grateful for  all of her help in buying our very first home!

- zuser20180426053755568

Rob has been a blessing to us from day one. This market is tough but Rob is tougher and will get you the house you need to be in! He’s always responded immediately when needed, will meet you at the times you are available! Thank you rob once again from the bottom of our hearts! You’re the best!

- Jeanette Coe

My husband and I were first time homebuyers and had no idea where to even start. Quentin was phenomenal. In every single home we visited with him, he took his time, pointing out both the good and bad. He is so knowledgeable (about everything!) and incredibly skilled in what he does. For almost 2  years, Quentin showed us homes in Raleigh and Durham, answering all our questions about the home, the neighborhood and everything else we didn't know about the home buying process. In the end, we found the perfect home and couldn't have done it without him. Quentin's the best and we will continue to rave about him for years to come!

- 05/17/2018 - zuser20171229092000457

This has been the best real estate experience either of us has ever had. Without Garrett's knowledge of the process and rules / laws we would have both had our heads explode from the stress. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.... Thank you Garrett !!!

- jeffreynichols123157
Katie was an excellent resource as a new home buyer in the raleigh area. She offered insight on the process, was very responsive, and helped me negotiate in a market that was pure chaos. I have her to thank for my landing my dream home!
- Erika Sandy

Melanie made buying our home so easy. Moving from VA to NC we seldom were in the area to view new homes on the market. It was so helpful to have Melanie FaceTime us while she toured countless homes on her own. During the closing period, Melanie was a great liaison between the sellers and us and  worked diligently to ensure we were happy. I would highly recommend using Melanie Elenio as your realtor!!!!! 

- 05/16/2018 - jannaj555

Sam was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the entire house buying experience. It didn’t matter the time of day or what day of the week, Sam was always quick to reply to any questions or showing requests. He always gave thoughtful input into every house we saw and genuinely took into  account my points of interest. He never tried to make a quick sale and was with me over a month and really put in a lot of hard work, and once our offer was accepted he made sure I was in the loop for all documents and got me set up with all inspections, lenders, etc. I highly recommend Sam and will recommend to my friends and family.

- Michael Neely
If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in this competitive market -Be sure to work with someone who knows the business and that will walk you through the process step by step. You've worked so hard to get to this step in life. Don't miss your opportunity of home ownership with mediocre realtors and tour guides. Trust the best in the business Michael Carroll and obtain that home.
- Bought and sold a Townhouse home in 2022 in Clayton, NC

Quentin checked the background of the properties that we looked at; he crawled into the crawl space, up into the attic, walked the house inside and out and looked at the water runoff. He was very knowledgeable about the value of the properties and we knew we could trust him to find the most for  our budget. Which he did! We are very happy with our purchase and thrilled that Quentin was with us every step of the way.

- 05/16/2018 - Dena L Wiederkehr

Rita helped us buy our first home. She was beyond wonderful through the entirety of the process. She walked us through what the experience would be like from start to finish in our first meeting. She was able to expertly explain the complex documents and legalese that goes into buying a home.  Beyond her professionalism, Rita is an exceptionally warm and caring person. She worked tirelessly for us from start to finish. I recommend her to everyone and will certainly ask for her help when we buy our next home!

- Anna Sargent
Great to work with! Proactive, friendly, patient and hardworking. Made the whole process as painless as possible in this market. 10/10 would work with her again.
- Catherine Morrissey

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Justin on the purchase of my new home. I found his communication to be timely and accurate which helped to move the purchase along quickly and kept me from not feeling in the dark. He demonstrated good judgement; he was flexible but also was firm when  needed, thus making it easy to work with him. I would not hesitate to hire him again. 

- 05/09/2018 - Connie_gilet

This is our second home purchase experience . In this context i would say that Alexandra was keen on the buyers interest. She handled the price negotiation and fix list in what we thought was a fair manner. She has an excellent list of checkpoints to help the buyers keep up with the the complex  process of home buying . She has been proactive and extremely accessible through the process , She has been extremely pleasant to work with and would happily recommend her .

- kmvinu

Kasey Proctor from DASH Carolina helped us buy our first house! She came recommended to us by our friends that she helped with their first home. They told us she would make a difficult process much easier and enjoyable, and they were absolutely right! She was patient and guided us throughout the process. She understood our requirements, and showed us houses that met them. She would send us floor plans, and give us details on flood maps, and everything else to make the process understandable. She helped us get a really good deal on our house in the current market. As well as negotiated the price down tremendously! Kasey was prompt, communicated really well and helped us through every step - finance, inspections, closing, etc. House buying can be very stressful, but Kasey made it seem fairly easy, and I'd recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house!

- Sasha Azad

There is not a more amazing realtor than Melanie Elenio. She helped us with every aspect of finding our new home. Her enthusiasm, advice, expertise and knowledge of the area were invaluable. She got to know us and made sure that we found a place that we love. Melanie sent numerous emails to all  parties involved in our closing to make sure it went smoothly. We were fortunate to have been able to work with her.

- 05/06/2018 - obxcalypso

Karl was extremely supportive throughout the process of selling my home. My family had outgrown my home and had another baby on the way. Through a very stressful period of life he was a consistent and calm guide through the selling process. Go ahead, call him in a panic, he will talk you down  and make you feel better. Karl helped identify the major red flags that needed repairs and put us in contact with contractors that did good work, on time, at a reasonable cost. He also listened when there were certain renovations I didn't want to go through with in our limited time frame. I would recommend Karl to anyone!

- emmettwillis8
Michelle was our agent for selling our house. This was our first experience with selling a house so we were clueless on the process. Michelle, from the very first day, was patient, informative, and so kind. We ran into some issues while trying to sell our house and Michelle was by our side the entire time, fighting for us. I never had to worry about anything. I knew she always had it under control! Michelle is such an amazing agent and person, we would highly recommend her to buy or sell your home!
- Jennifer Blanton

Melanie promptly followed up with seller / seller's agent concerning questions I had about property. Everything went very smoothly from offer to closing. I would highly recommend Melanie as a buyer's agent!

- 04/29/2018 - user58795134

Jeff was absolutely AMAZING!! When we first started looking for a home to buy, we weren’t sure about our timeline or what we were really looking for. This didn’t faze him at all and he was willing to start assisting us right away. He helped guide us through the pro’s and con’s of different home  options, how to get the most bang for our buck, and even helped us with discussing our different lending options. He is super down-to-earth, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and always had our best interests at heart. He was willing to go the extra mile with anything we needed. He was always very quick to respond to any questions, willing to go to any house we were interested in, and was able to negotiate for all the extra things we wanted. We are ecstatic about our home purchase and how easy he helped make the process. If and when we are back in the market, he will be the first call we make! He was an absolute pleasure to work with and we are definitely recommending him and the DASH Realty Group to anyone who will listen. We couldn't have had a better agent!

- Ariana Mauro
Brandon provided amazing support and service from start to finish. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable, but was so kind and personable that he also immediately felt like our friend too. He made a complicated and fast-paced closing process feel much less intimidating, and answered any questions we had promptly and intelligently. We wholeheartedly recommend Brandon, and have already passed along his name to friends considering a move!
- Grace Greglily

Melanie was very nice and professional. She was very prompt with communication and helped us sell our home in a timely fashion, and find the house of our dreams. She also assisted with the entire loan and closing process.

- 04/29/2018 - dewanbader

Karl helped me and my husband for over 6 months and we couldn't have asked for a better agent! From the beginning he said his job was to talk us out of every house we looked at and that approach to the housing market was refreshing for first time house buyers. We didn't know what we were doing and  Karl guided us like we were family. We never once felt pressured to buy something. We lived in another state then the market we were looking at and Karl would even go look at houses we were interested in and facetime us when he was there so we wouldn't waste time making the drive. I would recommend Karl to EVERYONE! He is such a great person and agent! 

- kdooley7
Jacki made it possible for us to look for and purchase a home remotely. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt. She made herself available when we could visit in person and kept us apprised of changes. Jacki videoed homes we could not see in person and provided us with the guidance we needed to purchase. She helped us through the closing and beyond. We recommend her real estate services for anyone looking for a home in the Raleigh area, but especially for those searching from a distance.
- Cherie Wykoff

My deal was so good i got all my money back then some. He knows all the tricks and will have you buying with confidence. This is my first home purchase and I feel like I know the whole real estate game thanks to Jeff’s knowledge. Thank you1

- 04/26/2018 - zuser20171211073252072

I recently relocated here from Texas. Sam has been working with me since Dec to find a home here in Raleigh, and I can honestly say that he is a consummate professional! Because I was unable to travel back & forth to look at places, he and I used FaceTime to do virtual tours of many properties. Sam  was diligent in showing me all the pros and cons of each place; he went above and beyond in terms of checking things that I might not have thought of. He provided good advice on negotiating with sellers and made sure I understood the buying and closing process here in NC. Once I did buy a place, Sam was terrific in terms of connecting me with cleaners, repair people and utilities. His emails were always thorough, timely and helpful. Most of all, Sam was consistently responsive and a delight to work with! 

- ergoodwin6

Excellent in all respects! I would highly recommend Nevin to anyone looking to buy in the crazy Triangle market,especially if you're buying out of state.He will be your eyes and ears on the ground!!Very reliable and responsive.Excellent communication skills with me and other agents.Very knowledgeable about the various neighborhoods

- Arun Jain

Quentin is very knowledgeable, honest, has a great personality and will help you through it all! We are first time home buyers and we couldnt have asked for a better realtor. Quentin and his wife Lady were a great team to work with! Will definately reach out to them again in the future.

- 04/24/2018 - joeandalissa

Kasey Proctor is a rockstar agent for buying/selling, from a rockstar agency called DASH. We worked with Kasey to buy/sell our home. She's responsive, thorough, flexible, fun-loving, and knowledgeable about the area. She helped us price our home at the perfect price, carefully avoiding over-pricing  and under-pricing - super critical when putting a home on the market. When we found a house we were interested in, she was there within the hour to check it out. She helped us understand everything potential 'con' about the house so we weren't walking into surprises. Her negotiation skills are also fantastic. Many times, she helped us push harder/farther than we planned on, and it worked out beautifully in our favor. She knows her stuff, and she is a joy to work with!

- AnnaRhodesThompson
This was our second time working with Pat for a house purchase. Zillow ratings go up to a 5, but 5 stars isn't enough. Pat goes above and beyond to help you through the process. He is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and is fully on your side. Thank you again, Pat!
- Chris Meehan

Quentin was awesome! He was extremely knowledgeable and was willing to take the time to explain everything thoroughly. Being a first time home buyer and not knowing a lot of the NC laws, he made the process easy and smooth. Quentin was there every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him  to my family and friends, and will be using him in the future! 

- 04/16/2018 - zuser20160829080023255

After a decade of renting in the triangle area, I started looking around Zillow and had the good fortune to connect with Debbie. I was still a little tentative about committing to purchasing a home as I'm self employed and that's quite a commitment! Debbie was extremely patient and never pushy  with me as we got started looking at homes. She listened carefully to what I wanted and provided me with lots of options, and even specifically reached out with a text or email if a property popped up that she thought might be a great fit for me. Facing a seller's market in Raleigh was a bit overwhelming and at least twice we visited homes that had just been put on the market that day and have 5+ offers driving them far over asking price. Debbie was candid about the value the properties would appraise for and would make sure not to let me make an offer that would leave us starting out with negative equity. Debbie showed us houses around my hectic schedule and each time we decided to make an offer - she left the property, went to her office and I had the paperwork waiting for me when I got back to my apartment. She connected me with each of the vendors I worked with and handled everything seamlessly and with as little work from me as possible. Once we finally found our dream home (one that she had personally emailed to say she thought was perfect for us!) - the process moved so quickly my friends and family are still asking how we managed to close in under a month! Connecting with Debbie was a blessing. I honestly don't think I would have gone through with purchasing a home if not for how easy she made the process for me. I love our home and don't expect to be selling it anytime soon - but I will definitely be reaching out to Debbie if I do. I would recommend her to anyone and already have. The only negative I have to say is that I hate we were under a Coronavirus Stay at home order so we weren't able to toast after closing!

- tecallah

Patrick Moran was fantastic throughout the entire process. With his knowledge of the process and knowledge about homes in general, I never felt uncertain or uncomfortable about anything for very long. He was very thorough looking for any red flags while showing houses. With his help, I was able to buy a great house in a tough market!

- Trevor Levey

Jen is AMAZING! We were first time home buyers. She was very patient with our indecisiveness and guided us every step of the way; answering all of our questions promptly and in a way that made sense to us. We couldn’t ask for anyone better than her. Highly recommend her!!!

- 04/13/2018 - alexandra meyer401

Sam is a true professional and a master at what he does. He patiently worked with me for months to find the home that was right for me. He guided me through every step of the process and was always available and quick to respond when needed. He made the whole process of buying, selling, and moving  easy as well as stress free. I would highly recommend Sam, and will use him again for my future real estate needs!

- gkroegman
Chelsea is absolutely wonderful to work with and knowledgeable. She really understood our needs and was extremely helpful, open, transparent, and reliable through the whole process. Without her we couldn't have found what we wanted in a very short time span and in this crazy market. I highly recommend her.
- Bought a Apartment home in 2022 in Wake Forest, NC

Quentin is a very knowledgeable and skilled real estate professional. He provided excellent assistance throughout the entire process of purchasing a home. He took the time to explain the pros and cons of each property and never pressured us into making a quick decision. I can appreciate him having  the best interest of his clients and not taking the route of trying to make a ‘quick sale’ as a lot of agents do. Additionally, he was extremely helpful during the closing process and facilitated negotiations to ensure that we received a property that was in great condition at a fair price. Continue the great work Quentin! Your work is well appreciated! 

- 04/10/2018 - alvindangelo

I could not say enough wonderful things about Rita. When purchasing our first home, Rita was the epitome of professional, empathetic, and honest. She was readily answering emails and texts at all hours of the day and night, was highly receptive to questions, and was honest during visits. We never  felt pressured to just "buy a house." Rita very clearly wanted us to find the home we wanted. Thanks to her hard work, her communication, her diligence, professionalism, research, and accessibility, this process was phenomenally smooth. She told us everything that was expected of us in real time and did everything that was expected of her and then some. 

- zuser20161130084358850
I moved to Az 14 years ago to escape a marital situation gone south. Meantime I was still paying for my house in Franklinton NC. Finally came an opportunity to sell it. Michelle and Dash did a great job acting as a calming intermediary between myself and my ex keeping a potentially volatile situation under control. Michelle worked very hard including after hours and on weekends to expedite getting the house listed. Once listed we found a buyer within 2 weeks and closed only a couple weeks later. This is a huge burden off me now thanks to Michelle and Dash.
- Sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Franklinton, NC

Garrett was very professional and responsive during the entire buying process. He stayed on top of things from start to closing. I would recommend him to any prospective buyers

- 04/09/2018 - gsmythers

Kasey helped me buy my first house. She: -Was dedicated 24/7 for showings and to answer questions. -Was well informed about the area, home ownership, and closing. -Provided expert guidance, clearly communicated everything, and taught me what I needed to know throughout the process. -Recommended  great people and services in her network. -Expertly managed and organized critical information and dates. -Continues to help answer questions with enthusiasm after closing. Kasey is a great person and friend to have, I can't recommend her services highly enough!

- mfoley327
Rita Walia helped us find The house. She was strongly recommended by a friend and she didn't disappoint. She was very attentive and genuinely wanted to help us throughout the process, especially as first-time homebuyers. While searching for the house, she taught us along the way and was very flexible with seeing houses last minute. She is going to be your strongest asset, especially in this market. I highly recommend working with Rita!
- Noah Bernardi

It's been a great experience working with Quentin with my purchase four years ago and my sale recently. He is knowledgeable about housing in triangle area in North Carolina. He's great and patient with different types of properties.

- 04/08/2018 - shuliuncsu

Tracy was an amazing agent who worked with my partner and I to purchase our first home, from start to finish. Whether answering questions or giving advice during showings, coordinating the legal side of things with our law firm, or keeping the ball rolling with our mortgage company, she was  extremely responsive and on top of things. By our preference, we had a pretty aggressive closing time frame (about 30 days, with loan pre-approval), but Tracy worked with us with the same level of skills and professionalism throughout the process, and we effectively finished everything several days before closing. As first time buyers, we didn't really understand how many people "touch" the loan buying process (mortgage company, inspectors, appraisers, etc), but Tracy worked with us, keeping it all organized and all the "wheels" turning at the right times. I'll also note this great work was in spite of the fact that the ending portions of our closing were happening as the Cov-19 pandemic was going into higher gear. I would highly recommend working with Tracy for the reasons mentioned above -- she's also super fun and easy-going, just a great agent to have on your team, advocating for you!

- patrick raymondheenan
Rita Walia is the real estate professional that you want to work for you. I have recently completed two sales deals with Rita Walia. All have gone well because of Rita’s professional, aggressive and knowledgeable approach with real estate and the existing market. Rita is great to have on your team. I would highly recommend her. She is the best!
- Sold a Townhouse home in 2021 in Raleigh, NC

Quentin is absolutely amazing at what he does. It took us three years to find the house that was perfect for us and Quentin was there every step of the way. I have never worked with someone who has such a detailed and proactive communication style. His skill set not only made it possible for us  to get the best home at the best price possible but also made a potentially painful and intimidating processes very seamless and enjoyable. He is a great advocate to have in your corner and is overall just a great guy to work with. 

- 03/22/2018 - singleton nicholast

Me and my family were so lucky to have found Jeff as our realtor! He sold our home the first day of showings and has always been there for us from beginning to end. I might add we have made a true friend for life! He also sold us our current house which is our forever dream home! He is now going  to sell my mothers house. I would never go to anyone else and will always recommend everyone I know looking to sell or buy to Jeff! He is th truely the best!!:))

- estewart8748
We believe that we were blessed to be connected with Beth Allred from Dash Carolina. We needed a lot of out of state help and guidance, coming from Reno, Nevada, where we were selling our home and buying a home in the Raleigh/Durham area. From start to finish, Beth was truly amazing, going far above and beyond the call of duty to help us find and close on our lovely home with everything on our wish list in a beautiful neighborhood at our price point in record time! We consider her not only our agent, but our trusted friend.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Mebane, NC

Norman is a phenomenal real estate agent, very professional. I am naturally a big skeptic on being advised by anyone who makes a commission. As a first-time home buyer, I didn’t know ANYTHING about the home buying process. Overwhelmed by the overload of information. He was knowledgeable and made  sure that I understood it all. He seems passionate about real-estate, so much that he ensured that the best home buying decisions were made. I will definitely use his services again in the future. I will recommend him to everyone. 

- 02/23/2018 - asbryant310

Lauren was amazing! We are first time home buyers, and Lauren made sure we knew what we were looking for when viewing homes. She was incredibly patient, helpful, and kind during our home buying process. Not only did she fight for us, but she made sure we were in the know about everything that was  going on. She's incredibly professional, yet very personal. We could not imagine buying or selling with anyone else but Lauren! 

- nolancmckenna
Stephen DaviesShane is absolutely wonderful! He is very patient and takes the time to get to know you and exactly what you are looking for in a home. He is incredibly responsive and professional. He has a great deal of local market knowledge that was so helpful in getting our dream home.
- Stephen Davies

Jennifer had to deal with a challenging out of state move. It included finding a home that met the needs of 2 generations of my family. She kept an updated list of homes on the market coming each day. When we came to visit, Jennifer made sure that were able to see a number of towns and types of  homes, both new builds and resale homes. She was patient and honest. Jennifer helped us through the entire purchase process. I could not have worked with a more caring or proficient realtor!

- jsloane0414
Nick was fantastic in helping my sister and I buy a home for my mother. We worked with him for months in this competitive market and he provided excellent guidance in submitting strong offers while encouraging us not to settle for a home our mother didn't love. He was available day and night to answer any questions we had and made sure to keep us all in the loop through the whole process of purchasing a home through emails, calls and group texts. He was supportive, informed and patient and I would definitely recommend working with him on your home purchase.
- Janine Bowen

He is fantastic with negotiation and very personable. I closed this past August on a townhome in Cary. I was looking in a very competitive area and he stayed on top of things. My favorite unit became available again, out of nowhere! I was able close on my top choice, and am so happy I went  through it with Garrett's expertise- he took very good care of me and my family who wanted to stay in the know. I was able to close on a reasonable price, given my location is right off 440. Garrett is confident, analytical, and takes the emotion out of the process for you. Garrett understands the most recent trends in the Raleigh area's market and how to relate with clients' generational differences- my parents are in their early 70's, and were fairly anxious (times are quite different since buying real estate in Raleigh in the 80's), and Garrett did well listening to their concerns, as well as providing clarity on how and why he was recommending going about my purchase based off of reliable data. He is sharp, I learned a lot. I always felt comfortable asking him questions or txting/ calling him if things came up about the inspection, or I had another question. I'm glad I was referred to Garrett. Would definitely recommend working with him!

- Lauren Mohr

This is my second time using DASH Carolina to purchase a home in the Raleigh, NC area. In both instances Jerome Huddleston's experience and contacts have helped me navigate a very competitive real estate landscape and arrange things in a manner that was beneficial to both me and the sellers. I always appreciate the professionalism, timely communication, and well coordinated efforts of everyone involved in a DASH real estate effort. I'd highly recommend Jerome and team to anyone who is looking to make a purchase in the area.

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

I really enjoyed working with Debbie. She displayed great knowledge on the market and catered her expertise to your needs. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and she is always eager to answer them on top of helping with understanding myths from the facts. She also is very willing  to flex her schedule to your busy schedule needs for house viewing and negotiations. Before I forget to mention she is very positive person and enjoyable to be around. She will make you feel like a friend of the family! Debbie doesn't mind giving you her honest opinion to help with heavy weighing decisions.. I will highly recommend her to any of my family, friends and colleagues.

- V\'ger Jeffries
We trusted Chelsea first as our buying agent and more recently as our selling agent. She couldn’t have made the process any easier. Chelsea is knowledgeable, professional, and most important, super friendly. She was quick to answer any of our questions and also quick to communicate during the actual open house/for sale weekend. I would happily recommend Chelsea to anyone seeking out a real estate professional.
- Sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

Where do we begin....She was amazing from the very beginning. We couldn't have asked for a better realtor. We truly felt that she ALWAYS had our best interest at heart and held our hands every step of the way. Always available to answer questions and concerns. Bc of her professionalism and  experience we've closed on our very first home and we couldn't be happier! Thank you Tracy May you continue to walk in your Gift! 

- zuser20140320101427599
Jacki came recommended by our friends and we couldn't be happier! We spent many weekends with Jacki looking at houses and she always had our best interest in mind. We had lots of laughs and really enjoyed the journey. Not only did we learn so much about houses and what to look for/what not to look for - but we truly gained a new friend down here in NC. We are now proud owners of our first house and that is mainly because of Jacki.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

Karl is the type of realtor you want when it comes to looking at aspects of a home that you may not think too much of. Right off the bat when we toured our first property, Karl was giving us the reasons why some red flags may pop up, rather than try to sell you on anything just to get your   business. He takes the approach and makes it personal. It's as if you have a home inspector selling you a home. Karl is very good to work with and his communication is on par. You'll never be lost or fall behind during the entire process. When you find a property you're sold on, he'll go to bat to make the impossible very possible. Even willing to reach our to other entities in the process to help assist with the process. I'd recommend Karl to anybody because he is very down to earth and can be quite a comedian, which is helpful in a stressful home buying process. Give Karl a shot, you won't be disappointed. #RealtorForLife

- chillywilliediesel

I could not speak any more highly of Julia. She is an absolutely stellar agent, a true gem, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Matched with her through Zillow, and I am beyond grateful for it. Let's be honest, at the moment the housing market is a little bit beyond crazy. Between the ever-rising costs, competition, and limited availability in the lower to mid-range pricing market, it's chaotic, to say the least. But, Julia was there to help every single step of the way. It didn't matter if I sent over 20 houses a day, she worked with us through the ups and downs to find the perfect house and property that fit all of our needs. She was a shining light, whether we were dealing with appraisals, submitting offers, withdrawing offers, countering offers, you name it. She knew her stuff like no other and had an answer for every question we had. I do not know if we would have even completed a purchase without her by our side to make it seamless. Please do yourself a favor and work with Julia, I promise you will not be disappointed from start to finish.

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Wendell, NC

I cannot say enough good things about Tracy. She helped my husband and I find and purchase the house that would suite our needs in record time. She was extremely responsive to our questions and needs. She worked with my schedule that has me out of town and not available normal business hours.   She was very knowledgeable about homes in the area and the process to purchase a home. We could rely on her information and guidance. Thank you Tracy for being such a pleasure to work with.

- lbirsko

Homebuying is a stressful process, even more so if you are out-of-state buyers, buying during the biggest sellers market in the last decade! And how that process goes largely depends on the realtor. Our entire process was made very smooth, efficient and I daresay, fun because of Kameron Kalk of DASH Carolina! Last year, we were looking to move from California to North Carolina Triangle area. We started our home search on Zillow, where we were connected with Kameron. Normally, one looks to work with local realtors, and we were thrilled to find out that Kameron is a born-and-raised son of NC. He is very well acquainted with the Triangle area, so he provided great insight on the local market, the various cities and what they have to offer. He understood our needs and wants quickly and was able to line up showings aligned with that. Here is the kicker - because of Covid, we were not able to travel to NC for the showings, so Kameron arranged all the showings for remote viewing. We used FaceTime and Whatsapp calls to see several houses. Kameron spent at least 4 weekends with us, showing us homes all over the Triangle. The best part was, we never felt rushed or forced into putting in an offer. Kameron is as honest and genuine as they come. NC is a "buyer beware" state so conducting due diligence checks is entirely up to the buyer. Kameron shared his concerns and let us know the risks of certain homes we saw, which we would have never known or noticed - something you rarely get in a business that works on commission! Ultimately, we found a home we absolutely love, all thanks to the hard work from this local realtor. All in all, we couldn't recommend Kameron enough. Whenever we buy again, Kameron will be our go-to guy.

- Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Clayton, NC

Just closed on our dream home. Thanks to Jordan's insight and expertise the process went smoothly. He guided us through the process step by step and fought to get us the best price possible. Highly recommended.

- Bos10George
Let's be clear. Beth Allred is a better realtor than one can imagine. She went far above and beyond to help my wife and I as we purchased a home in North Carolina and moved from across the country. When a problem developed she dealt with it masterfully. I'd give her 10 stars if I could. Beth gets things done and is a tremendous example of a true professional!
- Anthony Barbera

Sam was by far the best realtor we could have asked for. He was extremely organized, prompt on responding and knowledgeable about the area. He truly went above and beyond in every step of the process and kept up on all the small details we had not been aware of. He was honest and overall, just a  phenomenal realtor.

- jamtrav

One thing I will say is Karl DEFINITELY made our home buying experience incredible in the craziest market possible. He was thorough, included us in everything, listened, and answered questions at all times of the day without even batting an eye. My husband and I are both first time home buyers and I’ll absolutely send Karl all the people I can because he made this process so easy for us. The process he goes through when looking around a home is great, he’s so informative and really understands the home and the future financial decisions that could come with it. He was so honest throughout the process and never seemed pushy to have us buy. He answered every question we had even if I had nothing to do with his line of work and got answers for us if he wasn’t sure of the answer. He stayed so on top of helping us get into houses quickly to look and got us where we needed to be. For a busy man in a busy field, he made us a priority in all ways and we can’t thank him enough. Karl is hands down the most awesome realtor!!

- Lauren Welty

Tracy helped us buy a house. Tracy asked us the right questions, listened and understood our answers (better than we did most of the time). What was important to us was important to her. Every step of the way I felt like she was working hard to help us. 90% of the time Tracy answered the phone  when I called. The rest of the time I never waited more than 30 minutes for a callback. When she says she will do something, it's always done. I wish we needed another home. I'm going to miss her. 

- texjeb

Terry is an absolute gem, he’s the guy you want in your corner when dealing with a very volatile and chaotic market like the one we’re experiencing in the triangle right now. Like most, I was terrified listing my house because I wasn’t sure where I’d end up or if i’d even find a place to live. Terry went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of, he spent countless hours finding my family the perfect place to call home. We are now under contract 50k+ above asking on the home we’re selling, and 25k UNDER asking on the property we are buying. That’s absolutely remarkable and insane to me at the same time.. I’ve used numerous real estate agents in my life and can confidently say that Terry is the hardest working agent I’ve ever come across, you can tell from the start that he loves his job and he cares about YOU more than anything. He was ALWAYS available and accessible, he made me feel like I was his only client even though I knew he had numerous others… Terry, thank you so much for your hard word, dedication, and unwavering confidence that my dream could actually become a reality. I could have ever have done this without your help. I would and will ALWAYS refer Terry Anastasi to anyone and everyone that I know.

- Sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Willow Spring, NC

Josh is great to work with. Very professional and thorough. This was my first home-buying experience and he made it easy as he explained what to expect and the next steps. Any questions that I had, Josh was able to answer.

- bgette413
This is my third home purchase and the first time I felt beyond taken care of! Alex Festa was absolutely AMAZING! Highly communicative, an advocate, and more than happy to go the extra mile to make sure we got the home we wanted at the price we wanted.
- Ashley Pott

Michelle has been the most honest and open realtor I have ever worked with. She's very transparent with information that she has or can get for a property or area and gave great feedback when we did have questions. She was very patient while working with us to find and figure out exactly what we  wanted. Would recommend her to anyone.

- Christopher Webb
We were so beyond impressed with the exemplary service that Jimmy provided us throughout the entire home buying experience. Being first-time home buyers, we came into the situation wide-eyed, overwhelmed and far from knowledgeable. Jimmy guided us through the entire process, constantly reassuring us along the way, eliminating our trepidation and helping us not only navigate the incredibly aggressive market but find and purchase our first home! We cannot recommend him enough! TRUST THE BEARD!
- Taylor Weber

Justin was great! He was thorough, provided a lot of information and was transparent from the start. Being a first time homebuyer can be difficult, but he made things very easy!

- KaseSchalois
Nevin is great to work with. He is knowledgeable, hard working and very willing to help in any way. He understands the Raleigh market and was very helpful in advising us on getting the house ready to sell, determining a selling price and negotiating the sale We highly recommend him.
- Susan Daly

Karl, is an awesome realtor who helped us close on our first dream home on 2/17/2020. He’s wonderful & knowledgeable in all that he does. Communication skills is superb. He’s on time & on task. He has the heart of a teacher. He’s so detailed when giving home tours & doesn’t miss a thing. He’s well  connected & linked us to every contractor we needed for repairs. Most importantly, he stuck his neck, fought for us & brazenly linked us to an awesome lender. Karl, I’ll always refer my friends to you because you protected our interests during closing costs negotiations, which made us get a very good deal. Karl, is not just a realtor, he’s every good thing personified. My family is ever grateful to you for making this happen. I can always go on & on for words are not enough to express our immense appreciation to you. Thanks and God bless you.

- cordeliauba80
Sam is the absolute best! I am a first time home buyer and had no clue what to expect with the home buying process. Sam consistently helped me throughout the process. He would help discuss the pros and cons of each house I looked at, until eventually, we found the one I ended up buying. Sam was always willing to take the time out of his day to show me various houses. I am extremely happy with the professional relationship Sam and I have built through the homebuying process. I will most definitely use him when I decide to sell or buy next! Thank you for everything, Sam!
- Lauren Wareham

I can't recommend Jennifer enough. She is incredibly professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and solution-oriented. She's also an absolute delight to work with. Jennifer invested a tremendous amount of time and energy helping us find our dream property, and at every step of the way, we felt we had  a true advocate and a trusted advisor. You will not be disappointed with Jennifer as your realtor.

- Denise leerkes
I was looking for a head start towards moving to NC and got Jennifer Reycroft's and her realty firm's reference from google reviews. I just gave Jennifer a couple of days notice before we were flying to NC for an initial check out of the place. Jennifer perfectly understood our needs and brought up a ton of options, areas and listings to give us a very good idea which is exactly what we were looking for. I am amazed by her agility and ability to bring up options on the go even when we were tight on our schedule. She does a lot of homework and presents different options to her client which is very helpful in taking informed decisions. She is extremely professional and friendly. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.
- Showed home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

In the two months we have known Karl, we have seen him as a passionate and driven professional to serve and help his customers meet their requirments. His observations and recommendations proved to be useful. His contacts with support teams for inspections, repairs etc seem to be endless. He was  always there through out the process.

- zuser20170908110611881
Kasey was great, responsive, and listened to what we wanted in a home. closing was easy and she was great with negotiations. would use her and DASH Carolina again. Have used their people three times now.
- Matthew Bovender

Dave and I so appreciated Rita and all of her expertise throughout the process of finding and purchasing our new construction home in Louisburg. She came as a referral from a coworker and we’d definitely recommend her to anyone.

- oceanselena8

Elise is the best, most pleasant, most responsive agent I've ever seen, or heard about. Every request we made of her was responded to same day. Elise went above and beyond to get this deal done. She made me and my wife feel comfortable at every turn. Do yourself a favor, and give her a call!!

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Louisburg, NC

I would highly recommend Jeff Evans and I have! He helped me in my purchase after downsizing considerably, and made it almost effortless! He was ALWAYS available to me to view properties and once I made a decision and I started making lists of the things I thought I had to do... his response was  "I've already taken care of that" and that was his response all the way through!!! My banker complimented me on my choice of realtor because he had everything to him before he asked. What a guy! I would highly recommend him to anyone, but especially if you are a busy professional who just wants to move in! I only wish I had met him when I listed my home for sale!!!

- Connie Norwood
Michelle Gomez worked with me on selling my house in West Cary. I loved working with her. I really appreciate her professionalism especially since I had to cancel and reschedule the initial home visit twice. She was very patient and accommodating. This was a great experience especially since the buyer turned out to be a little difficult with his demands. She guided me on the appropriated responses and actions and kept the whole process smooth and stress free for me. I would definitely reach out to her again if/when I have another real estate transaction and I highly recommend her to anyone reading this. Thanks for all your help Michelle.
- Sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Cary, NC

Sam is AWESOME!! Very personable, responsive and thorough. He will help you to make the best decision for you and your family. He will point out things that you may not have noticed and will go through the home inside and out looking for things that may pose an issue for the buyer. Thanks Sam!

- sunshinenyc0301
Chelsea not only helped me purchase this him in 2019 but also listed this home for sale this year after a job change. She is by far the most helpful and experienced realtor I have worked with. Chelsea is knowledgeable about the area, negotiates on behalf of her clients, and is extremely responsive. She keeps you updated every step of the way so you never have to wonder what is happening next. She is also very experienced with all aspects of home buying/selling and was able to answer my many questions throughout the process. She has made both my home buying and selling processes so easy and stress-free and I have the most confidence in her abilities! I would recommend Chelsea to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Raleigh area! She is THE BEST!
- Chelsie Sanders

Shane is AMAZING!! From the moment I decided to sell my home until the deal was completed and the papers signed, he was there for me every step of the way! I could call or text him any time and he would always respond quickly! I would highly recommend SHANE to anyone who is considering buying or  selling a home!! He’s the BEST!! P.S. My house sold really fast too!! ??

- nursinperson72
Terry has been my agent on a handful of transactions. I continue to choose Terry based on his consistent willingness to go above and beyond. He makes himself available and has you feeling like you’re his only priority.
- Leslie Carreiro

Jordon was great he took care of any issues we immediately no hassles this is the person you want to use when buying a home I appreciate everything Jordon did for us and he is highly recommend

- pwrstrokeguy1966
This is the guy you want as your realtor. He's super knowledgeable but very approachable. He was always available and obviously working hard on our behalf. Also just a great guy. Could not recommend him more.
- Nathan Brown

Shane came recommended to me and I am so very glad he did. While I had lived in Durham for a couple of years I still wasn't very familiar with the area. I explained to him what I wanted in both a neighborhood and a house and he was extremely diligent in helping me find my requirements even while  on a limited budget (which isn't easy to do in this housing market!). He was always available by phone, text, and email and had incredibly flexible hours in showing me homes as I have a nontraditional schedule and sometimes we had to jump on viewings for new listings. When I finally found the one Shane lined everything up and even helped me negotiate at the last minute. Shane cares immensely. That's the bottom line. He wanted me to have a great experience, to be very happy with his service, and to love my new home. I did, I was, and I am. I would recommend Shane to anyone, including my own family and friends.

- powers cl
We worked with Chad Young as DASH was an approved agency through the Zillow home selling process. Chad was patient and worked to find us the right house for our family and didn't try to pressure us for just the first one available for a quick paycheck. One of the things I appreciated most when we were walking through houses was he didn't try and sell us on the home's amenities but instead thoroughly walked the property to try to identify any potential issues that weren't apparent to the untrained eye (foundation/structural issues, loose siding, etc). Chad was very responsive and available to view homes on short notice (was also more than willing to show us the same house multiple times if needed). He walked us through the buying process as well as the contract negotiations and made us feel at ease during the stressful time of home buying. We will definitely be using Chad for any future home buying/selling needs and highly recommend. A true professional.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Clayton, NC

Very detailed and professional. This was my first home that I put with him sold right away. Now I will be putting my second home with Justin and I look forward to the outcome.

- dliles246
Reginald was a joy to work with. He was responsive without being heavy handed. He found what we were looking for and guided us through the process painlessly.
- Michael Hedden

Short version: Remember the muppet, Animal? Shane was so good that he made me shout like Animal. Long version: I did not tell Shane that I had an Indiana Real Estate license. However, within the 1st day, I did share that b/c he was the type of agent I wanted to represent me. He heard all of my  requirements and always had several choices for me. The home I got was actually OFF my list b/c of cost. But, being my ambassador of Real Estate Quan, he suggested we "just have a look". He was very good with the art of negotiating with the Seller's agent. So good that they agreed to my lower offer and agreed to leave behind patio and fireplace accoutrements. I've been happy to refer him to my fellow IBM'ers and friends in the RTP area. Not just a good agent... He's a good person who has dedicated himself to being a great agent. Thanks again, Shane! 

- John Mathis
Elise is an amazing realtor - professional, responsive and super hard working. She stayed committed to finding the right home for us and after dozens of showings (in person and virtual, as we lived in another state), together we picked the perfect one. This is when her work ethic really kicked in. Elise was involved in every step of due diligence, inspection, mortgage lender requests, everything required for closing. We are very grateful to her. And I highly recommend her for your RE needs.
- Sue Babos

As a first-time homebuyer, I did not know what to expect. Josh was super helpful and explained the whole process. From start to finish, Josh took his time explaining and checking/pointing out potential problems with each house. He was very prompt and made sure to follow up on time-sensitive items.  Looking at houses with Josh was pleasant. No matter the time and day he made the viewing possible.

- chris brkim
In this market, more than ever, a strong agent is necessary in purchasing a home. Sam knows the market and does his research. He clearly explains the options you have and the risks associated with each, so you can make informed decisions. He is personable, smart, and trustworthy. Highly recommend!
- Nicole Soliman

Jennifer is a great realtor. She goes over and above the call of duty. You will not be disappointed. I once asked her about a specific property that I liked. She told me that she would not live in that area. That is when I knew I had found the realtor I needed. She was always prompted when meeting  us at properties. Lots of useful emails on thing that we needed to know.

- djoyce27
Cameron helped us buy a property in Four Oaks sight unseen while we were still in Utah. We are so thankful for the countless hours he spent on our behalf to help us find a wonderful home. He truly cares about his clients. He still stays in touch with us. We don't know how there could be a better agent out there!
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Four Oaks, NC

If you are moving to the Raleigh area, you need to use Jennifer!! I was given her information from a family friend that had used her and I am grateful that I did. Jennifer and I started the process before I ever set foot in the state with helpful feedback on what I was looking for. Her  professionalism with the abundance of knowledge on every neighborhood that I asked her about made the search fast and easy. I literally would not have been able to make the move with the timeframe I was under without her fast responses and help. She treated me and my family like her family, she made us feel as though we weren't alone in the journey to find a new home to a new state. Thank you Jennifer!!! 

- aj4219
Ebony was an absolute joy to work with and I trusted her completely right after viewing the first house with her. Buying a house is not always an easy process and Ebony made it as easy for us as possible while still looking out for us and making sure that we actually bought what we wanted and not just what was available. She was super thorough about helping check all of the houses for potential damage and organizing paperwork.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Holly Springs, NC

Cheree Teasley is your woman if you are looking for a home. From day one she shows you that you are a priority and what you want is important. She goes to bat for her clients, going above an beyond while doing so. If she isn't sure she refers to teammates and other resources. She stays ahead of  the game and keeps you in the loop with the whole experience. Cheree made my first home buying, a clear cut and easy process.

- zuser20170301054026940
Maria Greer in our opinion is a great realtor .She was always very responsive in our questions and was very knowledgeable about everything. She is a great person we will definitely use her again when we get done with some health challenges. ??We give her 10 stars.
- Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Clayton, NC

Ms. Steele is very professional, passionate, knowledgeable and thorough. She was excellent at communicating with me on every aspect of the process from start to finish. She provided me with prompt responses to all questions/concerns via email, texts, or phones calls regardless of time. I would  highly recommend Ms. Steele as an agent who exceeds expectations. Thank you for your great service!

- rvrhonda1

The quick review - If you're buying a place in Raleigh, don't work with anyone else! Jacki is the go to! For these reasons - She is your eyes on the ground. I completed a purchase completely remote thanks to her on the ground! She sent videos, did facetime sessions, she even does a pseudo inspection as part of the showing to minimize surprises during the actual inspection! And yes, she even crawls into the attic ha! Her number one priority was making sure I was happy with the home purchase. No pressure or anything from her, only making sure my priorities were her focus!

- Adam Dhedhy

We purchased a new construction in Apex. Rita was extremely knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process from start to finish. Her attention to detail was far beyond our expectations. She responded morning, noon and night whenever we had any questions or concerns. We would recommend Rita  to anyone needing a Realtor.

- watkins ra

Eire Fullam was an absolute dream to work with! We clicked from the very beginning. She was incredibly responsive, professional, and single handedly kept me together when things out of control went sideways.

- Reganne Lindauer

Rita worked with us tirelessly to find our new home. She worked 24/7 to get us to closing once we found our house. She’s easy to talk to and has a great personality. So happy to have to have lucked out and found her.

- Tropical60
Amber Conley is PHENOMENAL. She was attentive and friendly every step of the way and was instrumental in scoring our new home. I cannot recommend her enough!
- Bought and sold a Apartment home in 2021 in Durham, NC

Jordan was always happy to meet us at our convenience, even though it meant lots of driving on his end. Friendly and attentive, I would recommend him to friends and family for home buying in the Triangle.

- user8569686

I cannot say enough about how great Jennifer was during my home buying process. I was purchasing my first home, but from the moment I met Jennifer I felt confident and assured that she would take care of everything for me. Jennifer immediately responded to all of my messages and was available to show my properties almost at a moment's notice. When I found the right place for me, Jennifer helped me craft the perfect offer and kept me fully informed of her work behind the scenes to get my offer accepted. Throughout the closing process, Jennifer was on top of everything and made me fully aware of everything to expect. It was only because of her that I was able to close early and get into my home as soon as possible. If you choose to work with Jennifer, you will not be disappointed!

- Bought a Townhouse home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

Sam is a total real estate pro, and a fun one at that. He knows his stuff, he makes the home buying process a total breeze, and he is always quick to respond and there when you need him. He listened carefully to our wishes and made sure they were met. We are truly impressed by his knowledge and  expertise in real estate and really enjoyed working with him. No question we will call him again for all of our real estate needs.

- akrhodes24
My husband and I recently purchased our first home with Shane Viars. He made the process extremely easy to understand, and was very responsive with any questions or concerns we had. He made sure that everything was going according to schedule for closing, and if it wasn't he was certainly on top of it.
- Mariah Langley

We met Lauren Steele after switching several other real estate agents that we were dissatisfied with for our investment property needs. From the first day we met Lauren, to the day we closed on two investment properties, and even afterwards, Lauren was very professional and thorough during the  entire real estate buying process. She knows the local Raleigh market and trends in a variety of different home types both for personal and investment clients. She is very communicative and kept us informed and updated on every step of the process. Lauren was always proactive and very attentive to our needs and concerns, and worked very hard to ensure all parties were satisfied. She worked late evenings and weekends to ensure we found the right properties and our offers were made ASAP. She has a lot of patience for demanding/picky customers (like us :-) ). We felt very comfortable working with Lauren as we felt she truly made our interests her top priority. Lauren was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a hard working real estate agent in the Raleigh and surrounding market, both for buying and selling real estate. We are looking forward to working with Lauren again in our future real estate transactions.

- Vish Patel

Jacki Hedgecock was absolutely AMAZING!! I will forever recommend her to everyone I know. She worked around the clock, she was answering our calls and txts at any point of the day. This was especially nice as a first time homebuyer with many questions and nerves. She was extremely thorough when we would tour homes. She pointed out everything about the home. She walked us around the home, crawled through the crawl spaces, climbed the attic and went through every space inside. Nothing went unnoticed with her! We felt super prepared and knowledgeable when making offers. Jacki was a lot of fun to work with, her kindness and humor made the process something we truly looked forward too. My fiancé and I felt like she was more than our realtor, she looked out for our best interest and thanks to her we now own a home that is perfect for us. We trust her completely and I will forever recommend Jacki!!

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC

I was connected with Sam, and from day one - he has gone above and beyond in helping me with this home-buying adventure. Sam has been more than punctual on everything, from appointments to tours and administrative help. Sam has been invaluable in my quest for a home. I'm 4 days post closing and  I cannot overstate how thankful I am of Sam's commitment to getting me what I wanted. Sam is truly an ace and I highly recommend him!

- zuser20190924071118065
Gerrit was fantastic! We highly recommend him!! He was helpful and knowledgeable about the process of selling our home. He also was very available to us and returned our emails and calls immediately. It was a great experience!
- Sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Cary, NC

I prayed for this to be a peaceful and smooth process and God sent us an Angel. It’s rare that you come across people who genuinely care and have a heart when doing business. Rita was extremely knowledgeable and patient, as this was our first time purchasing a home. This could not have been any  more of a perfect process. If you want someone who will be understanding and committed to your needs, someone who will look out for your best interest as if you were family, someone real and honest yet professional, CHOOSE RITA WALIA! 

- nicholas barnes122

Buying a property is a stressful and some times long process, we were lucky to have Rita working with us, always available to help us to solve any doubt or situation. Very professional, experienced, patient, friendly and willing to work until you find what is best for you.

- Suleima Delgado

Highly recommend Justin. He helped us purchase a home after we’d been in our current home over 20 years. He was always very responsive and answered all our questions. After looking for over a year, we were finally able to purchase a home to meet our needs.

- abatkinson7

I would highly recommend Garrett to anyone looking for a realtor. Garrett inherited a tough situation as we were selling our house, taking over for another realtor we had to part ways with. He was very responsive, stayed positive through a challenging sale and was able to successfully negotiate  with a very challenging buyer. We really appreciated all of his help and would definitely use him again.

- ckorinch

As a first time buyer, and as a single man, and going through the divorce process, Justin helped make this transition as easy as possible. Along with the team at Fairway it felt like I was just holding on for life sometimes but he was always responsive to my, what sometimes felt like redundant,  questions. Like any agent, he can only advise, you must make the decision. If you're looking for a person who is very responsive, available, knowledgeable, and will give you the tools and put you in touch with good people to make it through the process of looking, buying, and closing on a home then feel confident when choosing Justin.

- Billy Meyer

My family recently relocated to Apex, NC and we were so fortunate to have Sam as our real estate agent. Being new to the area, we were overwhelmed with trying to find a home that fit our needs in a school district that we loved. Sam made the whole process so much easier with his vast knowledge of  the market and great advice. With our hectic schedule, Sam made himself available when it was convenient for us. He immediately answered any questions or concerns we had and kept us informed every step of the way. I couldn’t imagine a better outcome! Sam is 100% dedicated to his clients and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy/sell a property!

- merisa rivera

This is the second purchase we made with Jennifer, She did and excellent job and was very efficient and helpful. If the occasion comes up to need assistance in the future, we will definitely call her first. Her knowledge of the area was very beneficial to us. We appreciate the value she brought  to our transaction.

- kpionk

Michelle was absolutely brilliant, she made the homebuying process for a first time buyer very easy to understand and follow and knew exactly what I was looking for in a home. I would definitely recommend Michelle to all my friends and family.

- stevenpowell

I would definitely recommend Mike Carroll with the DASH Coldwell Banker team! This was not my first selling and buying of a home and have worked with various agents in the past, however this was my first time selling through Zillow. With Mike Carroll you got an agent that knew the business, but  also the feeling you had a true friend working along your side. Not only was he extremely professional and thorough in obtaining information for us and explaining the process, he also was very responsive as if we were his only client. Anyone who is selling or wanting to purchase a home, will be in great hands having Mike as their Realtor.

- lamonica jenisa

Very helpful and responsive, replying almost immediately to all questions. I live out of state and Sam was able to make the process easy and kept in touch each step of the way.

- divyg

Debbie was very knowledgeable about the area and found a perfect home for my family and I . She was very professional and represented us very well . She was always available for questions , showings , whatever we needed . I would recommend her to my family and friends .

- arringtonjim74

Justin has helped us buy and sell a home this year. His experience has been valuable all along the way. He is generally responsive when issues come up and easy to work with. I would recommend him.

- user5412927

Debbie got us our first home in the state. All went really smooth and nice. Debbie took care of everything :) I really appreciate her professionalism and experience. I definitely recommend Debbie !

- Eugene Kiselev

I came across Jennifer accidentally and it was one of the best accidents. She was so knowledgeable about the processes and up to date on codes and the locations of the Raleigh area. I would highly recommend Jennifer as an agent.

- Marisa FabriziBrady

Absolutely amazing experience working with Rita, top marks all around. I am a first time home buyer who was new to the whole process, and didn't realize at first how involved the whole thing was, but she was an extremely thoughtful guide. When dealing with the countless other parties in the  process, I trusted her to be my representative and never doubted her abilities or judgement. Can't say enough good about Rita.

- jbryson541

Rita was great during our transaction. She is very knowledgeable and walked us through every step of the process. We always felt like she had our best interests at heart. She would point out the good and the bad of houses we were looking at which we really appreciated. She was very organized  and emailed us numerous times during the closing process. We felt she did a great job and would definitely recommend her.

- ptstoreysr

Kasey is the best! We were thrilled to have her as a realtor! We were so fortunate to have an strong innovator working with us and for us. She consistently gave her all and we truly appreciate it. Thank you for always pulling things together on such short notice especially when I would contact you  in the matter of minutes to see houses. We appreciate your critical & creative thinking you did in the best interest of us. Kasey made buying a home so enjoyable and painless with her beautiful personality! Kasey, thank you for the outstanding work and brilliant job you did in helping us find our home! There really are no words to describe what she did for our family. It definitely was superb! You could never go wrong choosing Kasey to be your realtor because she will have your best interest at heart all of the time. We have totally adopted her into our family and she will be our friend for a lifetime! 

- rwrwilson77

We had an amazing experience with Karl! He was so professional! He listened to our needs and found homes that fit. He was patient and understanding when some homes worked and some didn't. Karl was as excited to find the perfect house for us as we were. He was our biggest advocate with any concerns  at each property. He followed through with every concern we had before and after closing. He was there for us every step of the way. His communication with us was spot on. Never had to wait for a call/text back. We will recommend Karl on all of our social media sites. Hoping that it will bring him more business. Love this guy! 

- Carolyn Reynolds

Rita was an invaluable partner as we looked at new homes and tried to decide how best to bridge the gap between our new and old homes. She is extremely responsive and helpful when you're looking at new homes. In this market, homes can go very quickly, so when I mentioned new homes I was interested  in, she would always say, "Let's go see them!" We found two homes we loved that didn't work out for various reasons and Rita was always encouraging during the disappointment phase-"Don't worry, we'll find the right one!" Rita is especially attuned to the needs of kids during this stressful process and she understands the challenges of choosing the right home within a school district and how kids' opinions play into the decision making process. She helped keep our kids happy while looking at homes, talking to them about what they thought or showing them funny animal videos on her phone if they were getting bored. With Rita's help and guidance, we did find the right new home for us and worked with one of her recommended and very efficient lenders (Mike Newbauer at Regions) to close on our new home within two weeks, key to negotiating the best price in our case. Then we began the process of getting our existing home ready to sell, which took several months. Throughout the process of preparing the home for sale, Rita offered opinions about work needed to be done, checked in with us regularly to make sure everything was going smoothly, and helped us make contact with a handyman to do a set of final repairs requested by our seller. It was extremely helpful that Rita had sold in our neighborhood before so she knew the market well. Her realty group (Dash Realty) had another listing on our street that sold quickly before ours hit the market so Rita had an extremely up to date perspective on a recent sale of a similar home. We put the home into Coming Soon status a few weeks before it listed and had interest and even an offer before it went active. Our house hit the market on a Monday and had several showings in the following days. Rita's open house the next weekend attracted over a dozen families and the house was under contract by Monday. Then she helped us navigate all the details of another quick closing. Thank you, Rita, for helping us get all that done! We are very happy with our new home and new location and appreciate all your help making this happen!

- Starbuck1517

I highly recommend Justin! We were first time home buyers with very little knowledge of the home buying process. Buying in a sellers market in an area with very limited inventory was extremely stressful. Justin was so helpful through every step of the process. He is very knowledgeable and was good  to point out areas of concern that we may have overlooked. He worked patiently with us until we found the perfect home. We will definitely be using Justin in the future! 

- KaitlinTibbs
I am so grateful that Luke Weiss was our realtor. We started our search for a home in Durham on a three day visit and our agent Luke Weiss went above and beyond what was expected on such a tight timeline. We continued to work with him after we returned to our home in Nevada and through consistent communication, his willingness to work with us long distance, we actually found and purchased a home in less than a month. He successfully helped us find our place and negotiated the purchase of it as well as guided us through the closing process. A top notch agent, who takes being a realtor to the next level.
- Bought a Townhouse home in 2022 in Durham, NC.

Justin has been very helpful in our search for a town home in the Raleigh (NC State area). He has been more than patient with all our requests, and was always available for any questions.

- a.voros

Excellent experience. Garrett is highly skilled and a great negotiator. I would recommend him to anyone. We came to North Carolina not knowing anyone or anything about the area and he quickly helped us acclimate to the area and settle in on a neighborhood that we now know and love.

- lissett2
If you're in the market in the Raleigh/Durham area, you won't find a better realtor than Britton Brown. Seriously, look no further. Britton is the absolute BEST. He was super responsive for any questions we had and was awesome getting us into listings as soon as they went active which is so important in this crazy market. I also fully trusted his attention to detail during the showing to point out anything/everything possible. 10/10 would recommend.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Clayton, NC.

Garrett was great! He guided through the house buying process step by step and always kept us in the loop about everything. He was very responsive and quick!

- shellyjinorio

Jennifer was very professional in all her undertaking in guiding us in acquiring our current home. She went above and beyond what was expected to ensure all of our concerns are addressed. She is patient with us as her client and had our interest at heart throughout her representation as a realtor  on our behalf. I would surly recommend Jennifer to friends and family members.

- jdalley01

Rita helped us purchase our first home with excellent service and flexibility. The outcome couldn’t of been better. Highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a new home.

- victortorrez1018
If you live in Raleigh, work with Melanie. If you're moving to Raleigh, work with Melanie. Seriously, wherever you are and however you can, work with Melanie IF you want a 10/10, 5-star, and two-thumbs up experience! My fiancee and I are first-time homebuyers. Overwhelmed with the idea of tackling real estate on our own, who were we gonna call? Ghostbusters helps with ghosts, while Melanie helps with real estate! From our first meeting to the upcoming closing date a couple weeks after our wedding, we couldn't be any happier with how Melanie guided us throughout this process. Homebuying is such a breeze when you team up with the best. Choose Melanie and you'll feel right @ home!
- Caleb Dyer

We have nothing but great things to say about Jeff. My boyfriend and I just bought out first home in Clayton, and it was a breeze. I know that may sound crazy, but we had the team of a life time behind out back. Jeff was amazing in answering us at anytime of the day, 7 a.m. to almost 12 midnight  some nights, responses were always instant. We never felt lost in the entire process, he answered any questions we had, and even went out of his way to help us with certain things. His recommendations for inspectors were much appreciated, we had to use a couple of different teams, and he knew just who to call for each. In my opinion Jeff was different from any of the realtors we had talked to, he didn't immediately push us on to one house, he pointed out the bad things, and some of the good, but he really cared about what we wanted. He is very professional in conducting his business, but also became a pretty good friend through-out. You won't regret letting Jeff put you in to the house of your dreams!

- Alexis childs

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jennifer while buying our first townhome in Raleigh. She acted professionally while she was very responsive in following up and always planning ahead which kept us well guided thru out the process. Thank you Jennifer!

- dinajoardar
Neil is punctual, knowledgeable and most importantly, friendly. He was there every step of the way and his expertise and passion make all the difference.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2015 in Boynton Beach, FL.

We were only in the area for one day and Cheree scheduled us to see houses in each town surrounding Raleigh to help us get a feel for the area. She was knowledgeable and patient. Would absolutely recommend Cheree, she was a pleasure to work with.

- jakebrooks922

Garrett is effective, efficient and a professional in his field. His consistency in carrying out his duties is 2nd to none. From start to finish, he exemplifies greatness!! I told him exactly what I needed and he assisted me in reaching my goal.

- msreidjennifer

Justin was great to work with through the entire home buying process. I really liked his style of getting you the information you need to make a decision on how much you want to spend on a property. He never pushed me to offer more than I was willing to spend on a place and in the end I felt like I  got a great deal because of it. As a first time home buyer his knowledge and responsiveness through the entire process was amazing because I really didn’t know what I should be doing without his quick emails with the next step instructions.

- psantelli7

Justin was awesome to work with. He always made himself available to tour new homes on the market or even answer simple questions. Justin's best quality was his honesty, whether it was him discussing issues with a home we fell in love with or potential mistakes we made when valuing a property, he  always had our best interest in mind. If you want a knowledgeable realtor that works just as hard as you do during the house buying process, you need to reach out to Justin.

- tibbsr09

Not only was Kasey an excellent realtor to work with, she quickly became more of a friend. She has a very personable personality that makes her so easy to work with and she is very knowledgeable about everything which made it so much easier for us since we had absolutely no clue what we were doing.  We would most definitely recommend Kasey to anyone looking for a great realtor!

- heather roslinski

The DASH team was fantastic. They know what they are doing every step of the way. Sold our house quickly, priced right, and were on top of the process from beginning to end. We will never use anyone else in any area they cover.

- cedyckman

Melanie was incredibly patient throughout the entire home buying process and reassured me again and again, we would find the right home. She was very knowledgeable and helped to ensure I understood each step, document, etc.; especially during the closing process. She was available to meet with me  despite my crazy work schedule and was always upbeat and positive. She answered all my questions (and my dad's, haha) and was willing to go the extra mile to make sure her clients were satisfied. I highly recommend Melanie for your home buying needs!

- Catherine Worthington

Kasey was great throughout the whole process of figuring out what we wanted in a home, learning the market, making an offer and following through to closing. She always looked out for us and helped make the daunting but exciting process of buying our first home possible!

- jaclynhorne8

Garrett made buying my first house as stress free as possible. He did an awesome job of educating me on all the terminology, how the process works, and things to look for in a house. With him in my corner, I felt confident throughout the process. He was always on the ball with coordinating things  with the lender, selling agent, attorney, etc. He was quick to respond to all my texts, emails, and calls. Garrett was professional, and always had my best interests in mind. I would highly recommend Garrett!

- mkinman91

I’m so incredibly grateful that we had Kasey as our agent for buying our first home! We were definitely a bit clueless and daunted by the whole process, but Kasey made it absolutely painless and was a joy to work with! Great responsiveness, super flexible to work around our hectic schedules, and we  wound up in a home we adore and checked all of our boxes! In the months since our closing, Kasey has also reached out to check in and make sure things are still going smoothly with the new house. We just can’t say enough good things about her. I absolutely recommend Kasey to anyone!

- Lori Fortin

Justin did an outstanding job both with the sale of my condo and the purchase of the new condo. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism and attention to detail throughout the process.

- zuser20170531035737729

I cannot say enough about Angela. Let me start with a bit of backstory so you get a better understanding of why I am so grateful for having Met Angela and for having the privilege to work with her. I don’t have the best financial track record. My young adult life was filled with poor financial decisions and even worse spending habits. So I was already feeling insecure about this life altering decision to buy a house with my husband. I spoke with an agent at a different company and was immediately disheartened when they told me that my husband I needed a certain amount of liquid cash to stay competitive in this housing market. An amount that my husband and I didn’t feel comfortable with. I got off that call and immediately started crying. Our chances of ever being homeowners vanished right before my very eyes. My husband, however was not discouraged. He said, “Well let’s talk to another agent and see what they have to say.” DASH was referred to us by one of my coworkers so I took a chance and put in a general inquiry on their website. It was a Sunday so I didn’t expect to receive a phone call. But sure enough I get a call from Angela. From the first moment we spoke she was transparent with everything she knew. She had positive energy, didn't sugar coat, and didn’t make us feel like our itty bitty savings wasn’t enough to cut it in this market. She was resilient, relentless, and responsive and not to mention totally transparent. There wasn’t a single question we asked that we felt was too dumb. She explained the home buying process to us in a way that made us feel more at ease, and more determined than ever to find our first home. We traveled to AT LEAST 7 different towns surrounding Durham and was so incredibly patient. If you know the area, a lot of places are at least 30 minutes out. She didn’t wax poetic about the homes, but rather, gave us realistic expectations. And when we found that one home that gave me goosebumps and truly felt like it was meant to be? Angela was there. The proof is in the pudding because I fully expected to be on the hunt for a house for no less than 6 months and to see tens if not a hundred houses and Angela got us into our house in less than two. Our first phone call was March 6 and we closed on April 29th. She validated every one of my concerns and put me at ease when she reminded me that things workout the way they’re supposed to. I cannot express how deeply grateful Matt and I are to have found Angela and for all the hard work she put into making this experience as easy as it possibly could have. Now Matt and I get to spend our first wedding anniversary in our very first home! Thank you Angela for helping make our dreams come true!

- Matt and Lorraine Odango

I have nothing but good things to say about Justin. After having some less than ideal interactions with a different realtor, I got connected with Justin and restarted my home search. The difference was night and day. He was never pushy and I never felt like he was trying to get me to buy a house  just to buy it, in fact he would help me identify potential issues as we walked through each location, pointing out things that I hadn't even thought of. He did a great job listening to what I was asking for and helping to hone my search to find the best options for me. I ended up in the exact right place thanks to him. I always tell people I know that they should call him when they start to look for a new home.

- ebonybirdtynan
Recently my husband and I decided to purchase an investment property. Jacob Lowder showed us property from Oak Island to Sugartop mountain. He was a supportive, available and knowledgeable during our search. Jacob did a great job negotiating our offer and helped us through the daunting process of financing our new condo on the mountain! It was a pleasure working with this young man a would recommend him for your real estate needs.
- Stephanie Worley

Coming from out of state, it was nice to have someone we could depend on to give knowledgable information about neighborhoods unfamiliar to us. Jordan always made himself available to us, day or night, weekday or weekend, and made easy something that is typically a stressful time in life. I  highly recommend Jordan to anyone looking to buy a home. You're in good hands.

- alphadux

Justin O’Brien was exceptional. Moving out of state, and in this crazy market, he was there for everything thing that needed to be done. Not only in terrific service as far as looking at the property, but had every other service & contacts available. Would definitely recommend him to any friends or family!!!

- David Hausmann

My husband and I cannot contain our praise for Melanie! We stumbled upon her while viewing a home and immediately felt a connection. We sensed that she genuinely cared about helping us find our first home, and knew we could trust her. She is very personable, knowledgeable, responsive, and fun to  view homes with. We were constantly stressed about the buying process, but Melanie continually put our minds at ease. We cannot suggest her enough!

- kelseydixon 014
Buying and finding a house at the top of the market was not an easy task.. Especially searching for a new home in North Carolina while living in Florida. Britton was very professional and worked well beyond what one could expect. My stress level was high as (all) my criteria needed to be met - new construction, 1 acre of property and great schools to name a few. Britton is not only a fantastic realtor, he is an excellent support system. ANYTIME there was a house we wanted to see Britton moved fast as houses were flying off the market. He helped us to obtain the house of our dreams, working hard to make sure everything with the builder was 100%. I would highly recommend Britton to anyone looking to purchase a home, you won’t regret it.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Youngsville, NC.

My fiancé and I purchased our first home this year with Mike by our side. He was respectful, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the entire process. It really felt like he was as invested in the process as we were. I never felt like he was trying to sell me a home, but rather he was trying to  help us fit our needs. He was quick to point out aspects of a house that wouldn’t be positive and might create issues down the road. I really feel that we bought our home with the help of a friend. We couldn’t be more pleased with Mike and his continued support. He still checks on us! We will absolutely we looking to him again in the future when we look to grow our family and inevitably need a different house to fit our needs.

- Lesley Seibel

Cameron was amazing to work with. We were looking for a new home during a stressful time. He made it so much smoother. Friendly, knowledgeable, and easily accessible. Thank you so much!

- Bridget Morris

I consider it a privilege to have had Michael Carroll as my agent. Very patient, considerate, kind and professional. If I know of anyone seeking a agent he would definitely be the first name on my list. And this wasn't my first rodeo. The others don't compare to the person /personally of Mr.  Michael Carroll. Thank you so much. Wish you much success. 

- robin hughes89
Terry is an amazing human being, and a truly caring and hard working realtor! He is a great choice to represent you when buying your home…he helped my husband and I find our dream home! He’s always there when u reach out and he understands the needs of his clients. He is now a life long friend! We sincerely recommend Terry as your realtor!
- Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Raleigh, NC.

He was very attentive and met us at numerous houses no matter what day we wanted to see them. He was available on weekends and in the evening. He always showed up with a smile and didn’t give up until we found our home. He was great to work with and kept us informed of all the numerous steps needed  to purchase our home.

- David and Deb Butts
Referred to Nick via Zillow and he was amazing to work with during my home purchase. It’s tough buying in a hyper competitive market like the Raleigh-Durham area but he was patient and was able to schedule key inspectors that were required to close the deal when there is a severe labor shortage for these type of services. Nick was very proactive in the negotiations process. I would 100% recommend him in a heart beat.
- Christopher Carter

Jennifer is an outstanding agent, she took care of every detail. It was like my move was on autopilot, Jennifer made sure everything was taken care of. On top of being an excellent real estate professional she was also fun to be around. We had a blast looking at houses with her and it felt like I  was doing it with a good friend.

- jhinkel73
We so appreciated the work by Cameron Proctor to navigate us through the buying process. Cameron is great at what he does, truly a professional. He made sure we met all deadlines along the way, he informed us of opportunities we didn't know, like asking for seller paid closing costs to cover fixes to the property (which worked!), and he was quick to offer local knowledge that really helped us out-of-towners. We couldn't have asked for more from Cameron and DASH Carolina.
- Bought a Condo home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC.

Timelines, communication, and expectations were concrete and precise. Easy to work with and most of all, patient with a few of our left field requests. Pleasure to work with.

- matthew williams6
Writing this after 10 months. To be honest, Nevin was very professional throughout the process, was easy to work with and helped us fetch a great deal. He did not push for any house we didn’t like and was very patient during our whole house hunt. He went above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied. It was our first time buying a house and the help we got from Nevin was worthy of appreciation. Considering the housing market during the Covid era, I would say we got a good deal. I would highly recommend Nevin to anyone buying in Raleigh, Durham and nearby.
- Bought a Townhouse home in 2021 in Durham, NC.

As first time buyers Garrett was always there to answer questions or walk us through things we were unsure of. No matter what time of day it was. Garrett went above and beyond as our buyer's agent. He kept us informed about potential listings that fit our criteria and scheduled showings that fit  around our work schedules. All in all, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Garrett Browning! My wife and I highly recommend him if you are looking to purchase a home.

- shippo44445

Shane Devine was extremely helpful in the finding, negotiating and closing of our home. As first time home buyers, we had MANY questions throughout the process and Shane was extremely reachable, responsive and made us feel comfortable and well informed.

- Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Raleigh, NC.

Jennifer Quintero is an “exceptional” professional and did an “outstanding” job in helping our family through building our brand new home! She was so devoted to our family’s unique needs and was incredibly attentive to each and every detail. Most importantly, it was so comforting and reassuring  having her walk through one of life’s most difficult transitions with all of us...which made it so much easier. We have the highest regard for her passion in helping families find their “forever homes” and recommend her for your adventure, wholeheartedly!

- drfick1014
She is wonderful and helped us to purchase 4 properties in tight limited time for exchange 1031. Her knowledge, skills and responsiveness helped us close all properties without an issue.
- Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Wake Forest, NC.

Jennifer Quintero is the person you want and need on your side representing you for all of your home buying decisions. She is knowledgeable about home buying and home building. Her expertise helped our family to navigate the very complex world of new construction. She was an advocate for our  family with an impeccable attention to detail. We felt as relaxed as possible during this very stressful time because we knew we had someone we could trust in control. Jennifer always had our best interests in mind. Based on her experience, she knew all of the right questions to ask. There were many issues that we would not have considered on our own which is why we really benefited from having Jennifer present at all critical meetings. She held all of the builder's employees accountable. Jennifer has a high level of integrity and honesty. It is so important to have someone you can trust protecting your family and your financial assets. Jennifer is our real estate professional, our friend, and now an honorary member of our family for taking this home building journey with us. We could not have executed this purchase without her! 

- Jennifer Dempsey
Michelle is a great agent. She is caring, very responsive, knowledgeable and wants the best for her clients. I recall numerous emails that I sent her requesting to view a home and within minutes I received a response with a scheduled viewing the very next day! Time is of the essence and she understands that. Highly recommend her!
- Kenny Orelaja

Jennifer was AMAZING! Prompt, always available and a wealth of knowledge! She goes far beyond her job duties and some. I would definitely recommend Jennifer Badalamenti as a Realtor for anyone looking to buy or sell. I will definitely use her again in the future.

- rodriguez 0726
Nevin Whitehead was awesome to work with! He knows the Triangle market very well and is incredibly responsive, always available by email, text, or call. As a first time out of state investor it was critical to have someone that was deeply knowledgeable about different neighborhoods and was able to view properties on short notice. Nevin was persistent and helped think through creative strategies to to get my offer accepted in the incredibly competitive Triangle market. Finally, Nevin helped me navigate through the process with ease as a first time home buyer. It was a stress-free experience and thanks to Nevin I was able to close 2 weeks ahead of schedule! I would highly recommend Nevin to anyone purchasing a home in the Triangle area.
- Christian Bowers

Jeff Evans is the Elden Ring of real estate in the Triangle region of North Carolina. He helped my wife and I prepare our Clayton home for sale and negotiated the purchase of our second home in Garner. Jeff and his team made themselves available to help with all elements of these otherwise daunting  tasks. Highly, highly recommended.

- cwcohrs1

As a first time home buyer, I was a bit nervous and unfamiliar with everything, but Michael was a tremendous resource to have on my side. I felt very supported by him through the whole process. He was very knowledgeable and helped me navigate through this unprecedented market to find an amazing home at a great value. Michael was extremely helpful and patiently answered all of my questions. He was always quick to respond to texts and phone calls. He was also very flexible and was able to work around my busy schedule viewing houses at irregular times and submitting last minute offers. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to buy a home in the triangle area!

- Brandon Hoffman

Garrett was nothing short of amazing when helping my family find a home!! We had a very short and limited timeline while house hunting as I was expecting a baby in the few short upcoming months & after what felt like forever of looking, Garrett helped us find our perfect house!! He is kind,  professional & informative to say the least. We never could’ve done this without him & my little family & I thank him so much!! If you‘re in the home buying process & looking for someone trustworthy to help, Garrett Browning is your guy! He will go way above and beyond.

- Kayla Barbour

Alex looked through over 20 different houses with me until we found the right one, and was able to help me negotiate the price. Would definitely recommend.

- Daniel Irby

Garrett was our realtor for the sale of our home. From before the sign went into the yard until we signed on the dotted line, he stayed in constant communication and worked hard to seal the deal. He and his team are awesome and we would highly recommend them!

- Jill Kilpatrick

Michelle Gomez helped us sell our house and buy a new house. She was amazing! Always quick to respond to our MANY questions and she is very knowledgeable. Whenever we decide to sell our house, Michelle will be our first call!

- AmySao Joao

I really enjoyed working with Garrett. He was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. As a first time home buyer I really appreciated this. He was also very responsive and would answer any question I had within minutes.

- lebarnes4

We visited from out of state to look for a home in Raleigh. We knew it was probably a long shot because who gets that lucky on a short (five day) trip? But...we had the most amazing realtor ever! We'd only interacted with Michelle over the phone and e-mail. We came to Raleigh and saw two houses  with Michelle. She was very honest about both. The first one, we could see, was not a good fit. The second one, she told us, had a lot of interest going with potential buyers. Of course, we fell in love with the one that had a lot of competition. If it hadn't been for Michelle's advice, we would have fallen through the cracks and someone else would've won the bidding war. Ours was not the highest offer, but it was the right offer for the sellers, and this was all because Michelle gave us the right tools with which to secure the sale. The same day we saw two houses, we bought one...the one we loved. By bedtime we were homeowners! And then we left town... Michelle took over. She made sure that while we were up to our ears with boxes, moving company bids, turning over our rental, etc. we didn't have to fret unnecessarily over the transaction to buy our home. We stayed in constant communication, and she smoothed things over so that we basically drove down a few days before closing and got to know our new hometown with no stress. The paperwork that would have given us fits of hyperventilation was explained clearly and calmly. Every concern was addressed. Every point in the inspection was noted and she negotiated repairs, etc. with the sellers. The morning we closed on our home was relaxed for all parties involved, and we credit Michelle with how easy it all was. We've lived in our dream home for two years. Every day we pinch ourselves at how fortunate we've been, and how blessed we are to have Michelle on our side. We're never selling this house. She knows it. We've told IS our dream home. But if we ever need to buy another property, we will go to her. We tell everyone we know that Michelle is an awesome realtor. If anyone asks us "hey, do you know a realtor????" we will tell them about Michelle because she is aces! We consider her a friend and a dear one at that. This home could've been 'the one that got away' if we'd had another realtor. Michelle is dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly, honest, personable, want her on your side when buying or selling a home. She'll go to bat for you and she'll also keep you grounded when you most need it. Highly recommend her! 

- rxavg62

As a first time home seller we had a great experience working with Rita Walia, she is a wonderful mentor and guided us in preparing the house for sale, providing us a competitive view of recently sold houses in the area, suggested the sales price, and guided us through the negotiation process and  the closing documentation. As a seller broker, she helped us through the sales process as needed and supported our position when we stood our ground. She had the local maintenance contacts when we needed it, and a team of resources to help prepare the property for sale. Finally, she sold our house in less than 24 hours for the asking price, she exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend her to help others through their real estate transaction.

- amservinc

Garrett was extremely helpful through our entire homebuying process! He patiently visited a ton of locations with us, advising us and helping us feel out each property. He didn't rush us or push us, and helped point out pros and cons of each property thoroughly. We definitely recommend using  Garrett as your broker!

- 3nails4you

He was great. One thing that we liked from him was the fact that we could notice that he was not rushed for us to select or decide for a house. He explained things he saw in a house, pros and cons. He was also very professional and at the same time, very friendly

- osorio diaz jose

My wife and I were just beginning our home buying journey and were several months out, but we decided to look at homes for ideas and we found one on Zillow and scheduled a viewing. Justin was the agent that met us at the property. He started checking everything out immediately- the hot water, the  age of the HVAC, the crawl space etc... he tried to identify any problems he saw that a potential buyer would run into. He was completely upfront and trustworthy. We knew right away that when we were ready to buy a house, Justin would be the agent we would use. Fast forward several months and 4 viewings later... Justin has been there every time. He is very quick to respond to any questions we have whether by texts, phone, or email. When we found our dream home, Justin assisted us and helped us put in an offer. Now we're under contract! I read the one star review submitted- and if Justin said "I'm going to try to talk you out of buying this home," then he must have found several problems. I trust him completely.

- kevinprivette

Garrett helped my wife and I purchase our first home together. He made himself easily accessible to both of us. Working with both of our busy schedules to make the home search process fun and not overwhelming. His local/marketplace knowledge was outstanding and truly helped us find a great fit.  Once we found our new home, his negotiating skills really shined. We were able to get our dream home at a great price. I would happily work with Garrett in the future and recommend him to any one who is looking for their dream home!!

- cpefy3

Pat was a pleasure to work with; knowlegeable and very helpful. We found the perfect home and Pat helped us navigate every aspect of the home purshase.

- skopeks1

Kasey helped us buy our first house in the US in 2018, after a move from Europe and I could not recommend anyone more highly than her. This is our fourth home we have purchased and we have never received such excellent service. She is extremely dedicated and professional and knowledgeable, yet very  personable and friendly and made the whole process fun and exciting! She is extremely client focused and responsive and willing to be available at any time. We love our new home, so thank you Kasey for all your hard work in helping us out! We strongly recommend anyone looking for a realtor to contact Kasey, she is fantastic and will exceed your expectations! 

- hhm305

Rita guided me and my husband through the process of buying our first home and we couldn't be happier. She was, and continues to be, always immediately responsive to any questions or concerns we had and was able to schedule showings quickly (often times same day!). We felt comfortable relying on  Rita's expert knowledge throughout every step the process, and she took the time to explain everything to us in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. She truly wanted to ensure that we made the right decision based on our lifestyle, budget and future plans and helped us negotiate a very favorable contract on our dream home. Her recommendations on other service providers were also excellent. We will work with Rita again whenever we have the need for a realtor in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

- AllieCoggins

Since my budget was on the smaller side, I expected real estate agents to be dismissive and uninterested in my business. This was never the case with Justin. From the start of my search, Justin was extremely friendly, understanding, and an invaluable resource. Not once did I feel pressured to make  a decision and he always went to great lengths to ensure I understood all of the potential risks in each home we toured. Justin was more of an advisor and confidant than salesperson. His attention to detail is second to none. If you are looking for an easygoing and savvy agent, then Justin is your man! I would recommend him to anyone!

- salazar001

I wouldn’t normally be internet minded nor do review but in this case it’s a must. Justin Obrian I randomly got a phone call off I think a wednesday afternoon to view a house I had a lot of interest in from pics. I went that eve to meet him and view and from then on life just changed as I know it.  Justin was a dream to work with, he honest manner and knowledge at a ground root level was exactly what I needed from a person moving from another state to North Carolina. From days when I was in a little panic to see the house to shuffle his schedule late in evenings so I could second guess myself to always being on time with emails follow helps and general help with all questions I had no matter how silly they probably where. Myself and Nicole where extremely happy with how Justin helped us get towards buying our first home. I can’t thank him enough and I will keep in touch with Justin as the years go on. Thank you.

- Liam Wylie

I worked with Rita Walia to purchase my first home and I am very happy with her work. She is knowledgeable, approachable, thorough, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends). She answered every question and explained every form and every  part of the process clearly. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Rita Walia made it as painless and straightforward as possible. I highly recommend her.

- parthaa3

We were very fortunate to come across Real Estate Agent, Michelle Gómez, during our search for a house in Raleigh, NC. Michelle is personable, highly professional in her management of the home purchasing process, effectively listens and communicates with the  customer, is thorough in her analysis/assessment of a house, and most importantly Michelle is a keen negotiator - an important skill that we always look for in a realtor and anyone that will act in our behalf. We would highly recommend Michelle G to family, friends and others any day.

- Justina Griffin

Josh was very professional. He took the time to explain things very clearly. He was prompt in returning my phone calls and taking care of all of my needs. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to sell their house or to buy a new home

- csiedlecky

Garrett was a very hard working and professional real estate agent. We worked together to find the perfect home. Garrett was very responsive to our calls and very knowledgeable about the area, especially since we are new to the area. I would highly recommend Garrett for your real estate needs.  I will not hesitate to call him in the future.

- zuser20170319164403007

If anyone is looking for a reliable and high quality real estate agent, then I suggest that you introduce yourself to Justin O’Brien. Justin was by far the best realtor that I have ever come across. He is such a kind person, and he truly makes you feel comfortable and confident in his abilities as  your real estate agent. Justin surpassed my expectations as my agent, and he consistently showed a great work ethic that I valued. Justin is the type of agent that you can count on to advocate for you, and he showed this by helping me get the best deal for my new town home. He really looked out for my best interest, and was consistently there for me throughout the entire home buying experience. He is very knowledgeable in both real estate and in the construction of homes. When we visited homes, he would thoroughly inspect them and was always very honest about the type of condition that the home was in. As a first time home buyer, he educated me on the expectations of the closing process, and was always there for me every step of the way. I was able to count on Justin to pick up my phone calls, and also answer my texts and emails in a timely manner, whenever I had questions or needed further guidance. Not only this, but Justin went above and beyond in providing me referrals to a real estate attorney, a home inspector, as well as a land surveyor in such a quick turnaround time. As many of you know, buying a home can be really stressful, but with the help of Justin O’Brien by your side, you can fully trust that he is getting the job done well. I greatly appreciated his thoroughness, and for all of his real estate support, even after I have closed on my town home. I will most definitely be utilizing Justin O’Brien as my real estate agent again in future endeavors, and I highly recommend that you do the same. Please check him out at DASH with Coldwell Banker, and trust when I say that you won’t be disappointed.

- Kristina Mejia

My experience with Garrett Browning was that he was extremely conscientious, patient and had an outstanding work-ethic. Mr. Garrett worked tirelessly, and would go head and shoulders above the call of duty; returning calls on weekends, evenings and holidays, all to ensure that my home-buying  process was progressing smoothly and that I understood each step. Mr. Garrett even negotiated my home's price on the night of New Year's Eve, when he could have easily been out with friends, etc.. Mr. Garrett assisted me with numerous parts of the process and gave me friendly reminders along the way (such as "remember, it's time to get your mail forwarded to the new house now!"). Mr. Garrett is patient and remained calm when I had moments of anxiety/frustration. Even though the home sale is completed, and he has no responsibility to me now, he is continuing to work, answer questions and help me get settled. Mr. Garrett has a kind heart but is also very competent. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again or recommend him as your agent.

- ann lane

Patrick was extremely helpful throughout the process. We spent a year looking for homes and he was there every step of the way. Patrick will advocate for you, ask the right questions, and look out for your interests. Above all else, he makes a hectic process comfortable. He wants to make sure you  are at ease and not rushing into anything, but once you are ready to put an offer down he will make sure you have the best chance at landing it. Also, Patrick was always responsive and easy to communicate with. He would meet us un the middle of the day, after work, and take phone calls at all hours. I would highly recommend him.

- zuser20170517202608147

Garrett helped us purchase a townhouse in Raleigh in November, 2018. He quickly understood what type of properties and neighborhoods we were looking for and did not waste time with unsuitable listings. The market was quite competitive, with multiple offers typical, but Garrett was prompt about  alerting us as soon as new homes came on the market and arranging for visits and inspections. He also was very good about alerting us to real estate practices that are common in North Carolina, but which are different from our experience elsewhere. The experience was as smooth as could be, and I would not hesitate to call Garrett for any future transactions.

- 27mafalda

Quentin was great! He knew a lot about and what to look for across a range of houses we saw. He wanted to make sure the house we bought was not only the house we wanted, but one that we'd eventually be able to sell without unnecessary difficulty due to a troublesome location. He helped us negotiate  to get the house we loved at the price that was right. I'd recommend Quentin to anyone looking to buy a house in the area.

- Vecna

We started working with Michelle after finding a perspective home on Zillow, although the initial house was not the one for us, we decided to keep working with Michelle due to her expertise and professionalism. Over the next several days, Michelle was there to walk us through many other houses  until we found perfect one. As first-time home buyers there were many aspects of the home buying process that we were unsure about, but Michelle was there every step of the way providing guidance, information and recommendations. Although she did most of the work for us, we never felt that we were not in control of the process. Most of our communication was through email, but she was always available by call or text (which was especially helpful as we were under contract during the December holiday season). She was excellent in all areas of the home buying process and could list all the areas she excelled in but to save space I'll stick to only some of the topics that she really impressed us which included, her negotiation skills (we would have bought the house for much more without her!), her responsiveness to messages, and her knowledge of home constructions of many eras of houses. Overall, I would highly recommend Michelle as a buyer's agent and am very grateful for all the hard work she did to ensure we found the best house for us! 

- mcguireah

When we decided to sale the property, Garrett was quick to reply to us and asked all of the important questions needed to get the process started. He quickly got to the task and was excellent with follow up and follow through. When the closing attorney did not respond in a timely manner on a few  issues, he was faithful to send polite yet direct questions to keep the process moving. He did his research with his team and allowed us to sell the property for a good price. He was involved in the whole process and kept us regularly updated. 

- donpamlynch

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