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Forget The Stereotypes

The Story of Dash

The in-between. It’s that space of time between when you decide to buy or sell and the close of the transaction. We call it the dash, and it’s when we step in to usher things along. Dash Carolina specializes in keeping the process moving, so you’re not waiting around to finalize the purchase or sale of your home. Deciding to buy or sell a home is the easy part. Everything in between is where you’ll want help from a dedicated and knowledgeable team. 

About the Dash Carolina Crew

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We’re Ballers

We’re not the “Let the grass grow under our feet” type. We move, we shake, and we get the job done! Real estate is our specialty, and we’re top in our league.

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Driving Innovation

An industry that doesn’t grow becomes stagnant. We push boundaries in real estate tech and digital methods to keep the industry in the 21st century.

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Above and Beyond

We’re never okay with the status quo. If there’s more we can do, we do it. What’s a little extra hard work for prime results? 

Breaking the Mold

We're a Little Unique

You’ve probably heard plenty about the stereotypical real estate agent. A real money chaser, someone who cares more about quantity than quality. That’s not how we operate at Dash Carolina. Every team member embraces a new way of approaching real estate. We toss aside antiquated conventions and say goodbye to time-wasting techniques. Afraid of technology? Not at all! Our agents embrace it, using it to the client’s advantage to create a memorable experience. Whether your buying your first home in Raleigh, selling your home in Cary, or thinking about purchasing a vacation home in Asheville, our team can handle it all.

DASH's Features & Benefits

Like a Secret Society for Real Estate Agents

We’re more than just a real estate team. Dash Carolina is a collective pool of the top talent in the community. We all have one goal-–to succeed. But to effectively reach that goal with every transaction, we have to be on the same page. 

Some teams give you a fancy business card and send you on your way. Dash Carolina keeps the communication lines open and encourages building relationships.

Unlock exclusive recommendations

We’ll find the best of the best and share it with the Dash Carolina team. Act like a real estate VIP, and you should be treated like one.

Annual invitations to appreciation parties

Dash Carolina keeps morale at its height with appreciation and mutual respect. When you buy or sell with Dash Carolina you are part of the DASH family. Expect invitations to annual events designed to recognize you.

Innovative Real Estate

Your Dash Carolina agent goes beyond working for you. We get to know you and your needs to find the perfect place to call home.

A Better Way To Real Estate

Every day is an opportunity to innovate. If the industry was the same as when your grandparents were selling real estate, it would move at a snail’s pace. Dash Carolina favors something a bit quicker, streamlined, and more understanding of the value of time. We utilize tools so our visionaries bring something new to the table. Dash gives customers the boost needed to comfortably buy or sell their new home. Just listen to what our CEO, Quentin Dane, has to say about working with Dash Carolina and the concept of Realtor 2.0


Don't just listen to us; check out what our clients are saying!

Great Professionalism and timely assistance.

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Efficient, fast, knowledgeable, and courteous service. Being an out of state customer it's not an easy task to find a local company that you can trust. We're extremely happy with our decision to go with DASH.

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Hardest working real estate team in the triangle hands down.

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This is the most skilled, experienced, hard working, successful team I’ve found! Not to mention fun, innovative, and highly qualified! I highly recommend them!

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The stars aligned perfectly! From start to finish, I had the best back to back home selling and buying experience with Dash Carolina and extended team members.

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DASH Carolina Real Estate is fantastic! Our real estate agent was professional, super responsive, and very knowledgeable. Selling a house can be stressful, but they made it so easy! We couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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We Get Results!

TBJ's Corporate Philanthropy Winner
dash Carolina Best Real Estate Team, Raleigh's Best 2022 Winner
TBJ Fast 50 Dash Carolina 2022

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Work can be fun!

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Job Description

Be the Change the Industry Needs

Every day is an opportunity to innovate. Dash Carolina provides the tools needed to bring something new to the table. The real estate industry needs visionaries like you. Dash wants to give you the boost needed to show your true potential. Give clients a reason to remember us and to immediately remember your name every time they think of buying or selling a home.

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